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Escape From Weapon X

Charles Soule really is a talented writer. He's managed to take the best route out of Marvel's push to keep Death of Wolverine going and he's crafting a compelling story to follow along; like the Death of Wolverine was just the beginning of a whole new story; and not just a Wolverine one. Not really truly a Logan story at all. Well... 90%. But that last 10% is an interesting uncertainty at the end of this issue.

I've recently had to trim my pull list, so I honestly wasn't going to get this at all. So many of the DoW tie-ins seemed superfluous, from Logan Legacy to Life after Logan and the Deadpool/Captain America one-shot and everything. But this one stood out as something different, especially since it promised the establishment of new characters left in the wake of Weapon X. It takes the primary loose ends from Death of Wolverine and begins a new story that seems genuinely interesting. With Charles Soule as the writer, and X-Men legend Salvador Larroca on art there was enough going for this that I made room and picked it up and I have no regrets.

For starters, I have to say, I'm finding this new group of experiments to have some great potential. They seem to have a varying degree of mental states after being experimented on, and most of them seem to have some sort of secrets. They have a lot going for them with a wide range of abilities and personalities; and many of them seem to have drawbacks to their abilities. As far as ragtag secret government experiment groups go; they're already looking fairly up there.

The art is Salvador Larroca; so it's completely awesome. He gives the lab a great dark sense of life to it; and the action sequences are really pretty sweet. He also does a great job depicting all the mechanics and wires and enchancements on people as well as the lab itself. Overall it suits the tone perfectly and carries this story along very smoothly.

In Conclusion: 4/5

This isn't absolutely jaw dropping amazing like most of Soule's work... yet. But it's a damn compelling start to what could be something truly awesome. Soule is setting the stage for all sorts of fun times with a group of characters we don't know yet, but show a lot of promise. If you liked Death of Wolverine and wanted to see more, definitely read this.

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