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Die Hard 0

In case you live under a rock, Marvel announced The Death of Wolverine, at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Spoilers, right?! However, both Marvel and DC have used this trick a number of times. A character dies, and major news outlets cover the event which brings in new readers. Fear not, the beloved hero is only gone for a year or two, and then comes back in triumphant fashion with a new series that sells balls crazy. I totally get it, but I just feel like this idea is played out. Over the past...

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Breathing Life into a Dying Character... 0

Wolverine has been my favorite member of the X-Men for as long as I can remember- from watching the classic cartoon, to action figure purchases (though, to be fair, I did own a Cyclops figure, too), to comic books (Savage Wolverine was great, and got me back on board a solo Wolvie title- even though I dropped off a few issues back) and even in movies (Hugh Jackman has become universally accepted as the new face of Wolverine)- so I was a bit skeptical when I heard that Marvel was going to truly k...

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I've been dying to read this. 0

Wow, just Wow. This is defiantly one of my favorite comic mini series I have ever read. I have to say my favorite aspect of this first death of wolverine is that it gives logic behind its reasoning. All the questions we were thinking of asking like how he can move with that much metal in his body, or why he can't use his claws now, have been answered. I personally loved the art, right up my alley. The only downside which I really hope doesn't happen is that they bring him back to life. It woul...

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What happens when you try to hunt The Wolverine? 0

The only thing that bothered me is that the usual first page explanation of previous events that conclude with what we are about to read doesnt appear in this series, so I still have no idea how Wolverine lost his healing factor.Besides that, the story is good, we see what happens when you try to hunt The Wolverine, there is a short but brutal fight, and the art and colors are just beautiful...

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