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Plot Summary

Known as the biggest story ever, in which Superman finally meets his match and battles to protect the city that he loves from the monster known as Doomsday. By the battle’s end Doomsday is dead; however, Superman is fatally wounded and dies in the arms of Lois Lane. Though Superman is dead, four new characters are about to emerge: The Reign of the Supermen is about to begin.

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Bye Bye Birdie.
Bye Bye Birdie.

Another normal day for Superman, fighting the Underworlders, while in Ohio a green-clothed fist beats its way out of an underground chamber. Once the monster is above ground, he instantly starts to destroy, crushing a bird in his hand, and snapping the neck of a deer. As it cuts a path across Ohio and Pennsylvania it continues maiming, and destroying. The news spreads quickly about this monster, and the Justice League of America prepares to attack it.

Pinned to the Sky
Pinned to the Sky

After the league clean up a mess left by the beast, Maxima uses her psionic powers to track the creature. Attempting to establish first contact, the Warrior Queen finds that the monster's mind is nothing more than hate, death, and blood lust personified. As they move towards it, they see the monster's path of destruction. When the see the creature he throws a tree like a spear and crushes the Bug ship. This tosses the league around and they are left scrambling to save their own before they can regroup Guy Gardner charges into action and asks the beast to "take [his] pick cremation or burial".

The beast catches Guy off guard and moves faster than Guy can see. After that all hell breaks loose for the team. absent their strongest member Superman the League suffers. Several Leagues are knocked out and Blue Beetle is put in a coma. As the battle gets larger the League tries to fight the beast while saving lives of civilians. The battle is so big that Superman hears about it in Metropolis and goes into action. By the time he gets there Maxima has been convinced by Ice to take Blue Beetle to the hospital; everyone else was knocked out but Booster Gold who was hit so hard he was not even in sight. At this point Ice tries to hold the monster off all by herself.

Superman's Doomsday!
Superman's Doomsday!

Superman runs into Booster in midair on the way to help and Booster Gold again dubs the creature Doomsday. The League starts to recover and fight. They even gather the remnants of the league Bloodwynd, Fire and Guy Gardner, Booster and Superman shoot Doomsday with their respective energy projectile weapons. It does has little effect. Doomsday punches Superman, who stands unharmed, but when Doomsday kicks him in the stomach, Superman gets knocked into the air. Then Booster is made powerless by his suit getting destroyed and Guy's eyes have been swollen shut from Doomsday's first tossing his face into concrete.

Maxima comes back from saving Blue Beetle and helps fight Doomsday but is done in by a mistake she makes. Doomsday meanwhile makes his way to Metropolis, and Superman realizes he must stop him. Doomsday crushes everything. None of Metropolis' defenses can stop him. Not Supergirl, team Luthor, Cadmus or the Guardian. They fight a huge battle, shattering windows with their blows, and finally ending with one hit from each. Doomsday was seemingly dead. but so was Superman.

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