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Groo learns at a local tavern that the entire town, ruled by Krag, hates him and is ordered to kill him on sight.

While in the tavern, Groo defends the honor of the tavern maid, Sylva. Groo is apparently the only man who ever stood up for her.

In order to win respect, Groo vows to defeat the Floom-Floom, a large dragon that lives near the town.

Groo survives his encounter with the Floom-Floom but loses his swords, which are brought to Krag as proof of death. The citizenry celebrate Groo's death.

A funeral for Groo is held; all of Groo's acquiantances celebrate his death. Groo feels betrayed. Sylva feels sympathy for the wanderer.

After the funeral, it is revealed that Groo in in fact, still alive!

Groo while attempting to hide from the citizenry, shaves Krag.

Krag, clean-shaven and wearing Groo's abandoned clothing, is chased out of town by the citizenry directly into the arms of the Floom-Floom.

Groo finds his old clothes (uneaten by the Floom-Floom) and believing he is friendless, leaves town. The Minstrel tells Groo to turn around.

Sylva, thankful that the tyrant Krag is gone, kisses Groo on the nose.

The Minstrel delivers the moral of the story:

Where'er you go, you never know -

The reason someone hates you -

But folks as such - Don't mean as much -

As who appreciates you!

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