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    Character » Death Masque appears in 25 issues.

    Death Masque is a computer altered game program given form by the Ray's light based powers and used for battle simulation to hone his skills. the Ray inadvertently created his own Arch enemy whose sole intent was to "win the Game".

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    Death Masque was created by The Ray in order to help him train and learn how to better use his power, The Ray used his light based powers to link the computer program on his laptop and created a Light Construct responsive to the algorithm on the laptop . Death Masque was initially programmed with the Rays basic knowledge of his own power's and family history by reformating an already existing video game character program. This led the program known as the Death Masque to utilize the Ray's light powers as efficiently as The Ray if not more so being a computer it was able to wield the Ray's powers more competently. 
    At 1st the Death Masque was fully under the control of the Ray able to be turned off by The  Ray by turning off the Laptop or cutting it directly off from his power and removing the light construct which made up its body. After an encounter with an alien light entity The Ray accidentally infected his laptop with a portion of the remaining light entity giving the laptop and the program it's own independent power source from The Ray capable of restarting on its own after the laptop started malfunctioning due to the light entity trying to communicate with The Ray and damaging the simulation battle program.


    Death Masque possesses the same abilities as The Ray but wields them more competently and is more knowledgeable using  scientific information stored in its program. It is an energy light construct being which cannot be harmed through physical force. It is capable of manipulating light for various effects from energy blast to hard light constructs capable of altering it's appearance.
    Its only weakness is that it is still directly tied to the Laptop which houses it's program and any damage to the laptop or it's program can alter or destroy it.

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