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    Before becoming the Death Dealer, Gath was once a man, a tribeless barbarian who was raised in an uninhabited forest. His parents were murdered before his eyes as a child, and he managed to escape to the woods. He Became an experienced hunter and survivor by adolescence, by his adulthood stories had spread to the surrounding tribes.

    Sometime later the forest and surrounding lands are invaded by a group of foreigners named the Kizzaks. Cobra a young girl who has heard stories of Gath and his savagery, tries to seek his help. While trying to convince him she falls in love and fearing for his death, Cobra decides to help him by giving him a helmet possessed by the god of death. She leaves an axe and the god possessed helmet, in the forest Once Gath touches it, the dark helmet had sprung forth tentacles and before he could realize what was happening, he was enveloped by the tentacles. The horned black helm's glowing red eye's fixed on it's host, and he could not fight its grip. Once enveloped the tentacles covered and entered his body, fusing the helm to him. The helmet gives Gath godlike abilities while also torturing him. He manages to gain help from various people he found in the forest, and learned to control the helmet. Gath then fights the Kizzak horde, as a one man army and wins.

    2022 Series

    In the 2022 Death Dealer Series, Death Dealer's backstory was chaged. Kur and his brother Enki were seeking the greatest weapon to fight back against the Kazzak hordes. The found the helm and when Kur put it on he was cursed to become the vessel for the Death Dealer. A demon that was trapped in the helm by The Sorcessess. The Death Dealer can only take over Kur's body if Kur gives into the berserker rage. Growing tired of having Death Dealer in his head Kur as planned to killing himself in a cave in, trapping Death Dealer forever, but his plan is changed when Admira and Mesh find him for help.


    Death Dealer was first created as a painting by Frank Frazetta and quickly became a pulp culture icon in its own right.

    Other Media

    Since 1985, the Death Dealer has been the mascot of III Corps of the united states and a statue of him stands outside the III Corps headquarters building in Fort Hood, Texas.


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