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    Person » Dean Motter is credited in 179 issues.

    He has worked as art director, designer, illustrator and writer in the entertainment and publishing industries for over twenty years.

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    Dual Citizen - Canadian/American.  Dean Motter was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  In his time in Canada, he was a staff illustrator for Holt Rinehart and Winston of Canada for a short time.  He was also once the Art Director at CBS Records Canada. Where he was responsible for the cover art for many top Canadian recording acts like Anne Murray.  Motter would also found his own studio: Diagram Studios, which is also known as Modern Imageworks.  Diagram Studios created record jacket designs and children books.
    Dean Motter would make his biggest impact on comics in the 80s, where he created the successful Mister X series.  Another series he would be attached to in the 80s was The Prisoner, which was based on the "cult" classic of Patrick McGoohan's television series of the ‘60s of the same name.  In 1989 he would create the logo and basic cover design for the no defunct DC imprint Piranha Press.
    In the early 90s Dean Motter would move to New York and took an editorial role as the Editorial Art Director for Byron Preiss Visual Publications.  At Byron Preiss, he would work with famed sci-fi writers Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury. By 1993 Motter found his way as the Creative Services Art Director, where he overlooked the corporate and licensing designs  of the trinity: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. By 1994 he would return to freelance work and create The Heart of the Beast and by 1996 his acclaimed Vertigo series: Terminal City and its sequel Terminal City - Aerial Graffiti one year later.  
    He currently lives in Georgia and currently works under the Futura Novelty. Co. banner.


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