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Atom: My Life in Miniature
The dean of Ivy Town who is fond of candy peanuts. 
Atom: Future Past
Mayland gets a call from Dwarfstar who is complaining about his current predicament (he was temporarily shrunk by Choi). Mayland didn't tolerate Dwarfstar's failure to kill Choi so he left hanging on the phone and Dwarfstar could do nothing but scream at a sub-atomic level.
Atom: Small Wonder
After Dwarfstar's failure, Dean Mayland enlists the help of a creature known as Kenny the Ruffian. The Ruffian is nothing more than a brain that takes possession of recently dead individuals and uses his telekinetic abilities to instill rage in others. The Ruffian manipulates Giganta, Panda Potter and a mob of Ivy Town's citizens to kill Choi while he was on a date with Giganta.
Fortunately, Wonder Woman and Nemesis were keeping tabs on Choi as well as Giganta. Wonder Woman manages to subdue Giganta, Nemesis' task force holds the mob at bay and Choi contends with Potter. Unfortunately, Choi was unable to confront his best friend so Choi went after the source of all this hostility. Choi knocks out the Ruffian and Nemesis takes the creature into D.M.A. custody.
Now that the Ruffian has failed, Mayland takes upon himself to finish off Choi himself. Mayland invites Choi to his office and when Choi wasn't looking, Mayland places a Black Mercy spore on Choi's chest. As Choi enters a deep sleep thanks to the Black Mercy, Mayland comes in to contact with Chronos who has been responsible for Choi's misfortunes in Ivy Town for the past couple of months. Fortunately, Choi begins to realize that his reality is actually a fabrication caused by the Black Mercy and Dwarfstar warned Panda Potter about Mayland's plan to kill Choi. 
Chronos tells Mayland to quit toying with Choi and just kill him but before Mayland could stick Choi with a scalpel, Potter comes crashing through the dean's office. Potter knocks Mayland across the room and removes the Black Mercy then places it in a vile. Mayland becomes so agitated that he loses his concentration which maintains his facade as a human. It turns out Chronos had plucked Mayland from an alternate future where squid like creatures can shapeshift into anything. Mayland attacks Potter but Choi puts an end to Mayland with a series of size-altering body blows. Afterwards, Mayland is taken into D.M.A. custody.          

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