Off My Mind: Should We Be Scared About...HULKPOOL?

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Posted by gmanfromheck (42520 posts) - - Show Bio
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I've mentioned before that I am enjoying Red Hulk's story. We are currently seeing the Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks. For those that are tired of the mystery, we will find out who Red Hulk is soon. 
With Hulked Out Heroes we're going to see Hulk-versions of existing characters. How can this happen, you ask? Basically, the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. have used Red Hulk's energy to gamma-power different characters in the hopes that they'll take him out. Unfortunately, Red Hulk brought Deadpool with him and now we have...Hulkpool.
The idea of possibly seeing characters like Captain America or Spider-Man "hulked out" could be interesting. I can enjoy the occasional humorous story. I don't get worked up if writers decide to take a chance once in a while, especially if it proves to be entertaining. 
Why should we be 'scared' then? What if this leads to a spin-off or mini-series? We already have too much Deadpool as it is. I can handle Zombie Deadpool's head. I'm on the fence with the Deadpool Corps (actually, I still haven't read issue #1 from last week). What if Marvel decides they could give us more Deadpool action by having Hulkpool make more appearances? To me, that's a scary thought.
From the looks of things in Hulked Out Heroes, Hulkpool might not last too long. His first objective is to go back in time to kill "puny Deadpool." If he succeeds, that could solve some of our problems. We'll have to see if Hulkpool stays in the past playing pirate with Ben Grimm or if he'll succeed in his mission of trying to kill himself.

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Let's hope there's nothing to be scared about. I'm up for a good funny story. I just don't want to see Hulkpool making guest appearances in other books.
Do you like the idea of Hulkpool? Would you want to see more of him?
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#1 Posted by Precise (21954 posts) - - Show Bio

Ugh... It's not something i would want to read. As you mentioned before, i'm tired of seeing Deadpool everywhere.

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#2 Posted by Chane (557 posts) - - Show Bio

No more deadpool.

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#3 Posted by doordoor123 (3817 posts) - - Show Bio

I dont read hulk. It seems so corney. Other heroes hulked out? I dont like the idea.
So i say be scared,,, very scared.

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#4 Posted by G'bandit (13664 posts) - - Show Bio


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#5 Posted by FLStyle (378 posts) - - Show Bio

Scared about HulkPool? No. Annoyed? Yes. Bored? Definitely.

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#6 Posted by Theodore (3607 posts) - - Show Bio
@FLStyle said:
" Scared about HulkPool? No. Annoyed? Yes. Bored? Definitely. "
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#7 Edited by the ace of knaves (402 posts) - - Show Bio

Awww haters gonna hate. Get over yourselves. 
This could actually show a bit of depth to Deadpool for the first time in a while. Why do you think Hulkpool wants to kill Deadpool? Because deep down inside Deadpool hates himself and hides it all by acting like a crazed lunatic. But i guess you haters didn't even know that about the character and think he is just a shallow wise cracker...
But last time Deadpool was involved in a Hulk story it was probably the worst he has been written... ever. Loeb needs to retire.

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#8 Posted by the_fallen11 (642 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chane said:
" No more deadpool. "
Could not have said it better myself.....
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#9 Posted by advocatefish (141 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man i also havent read the first deadpool corp from last week, or even finished the preludes. I hope all of this deadpool everywhere stops soon. I still love deadpool but its just too much. 
That being said, this looks great. Thing in a pirate costume is very funny. It looks silly. I just hope its a silly that i can get behind.

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#10 Posted by xerox_kitty (17342 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the Ramos art!  But I got too lost in all the solicitations for the various Hulk events...  I have no idea what's going on or how... 
I just hope the Deadpool mania calms down a little now.
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#11 Posted by NXH (1031 posts) - - Show Bio
@the ace of knaves:
I agree. Whatever happened to the jeph leob who wrote batman: hush?
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#12 Posted by NXH (1031 posts) - - Show Bio

I love deadpool. but the idea of hulkpool is abit naff. all of these different deadpools is getting tiring now.

mind you, it has some humberto ramos which kinda perks my interest.

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#13 Posted by MisterMollusk (112 posts) - - Show Bio

i luv teh deadpool and i luv his crazy shennanigans. i like it when they put something silly in the midst of dark seriousness. it kinda reminds me of the orks in warhammer 40k

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#14 Posted by the ace of knaves (402 posts) - - Show Bio
@MisterMollusk:  thats a great point actually.
all these people complaining about deadpool. why ain't you complaining about the constant "grimdark" crap that is marring Marvel these days? It seems i can't read a single Marvel book without someone dying or some horrible event.
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#15 Posted by Fresh0133 (534 posts) - - Show Bio

I too was enjoying Hulk in all of it's ridiculousness, although Red Hulk started to get a bit of depth there in the last couple of issues I bought. 
Then I saw the solicit for Hulked out Heroes. 
Without a second of hesitation I called my LCS and told him to drop every single Hulk title I was purchasing, that's how unappealing the idea of what Loeb, Parker, and Pak did is to me.  The thing is I love Greg Pak's work, I don't know how they roped him into this ridiculousness, but until all of this is done and over, and I'm talking well over, I won't touch a Hulk book, period.
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#16 Posted by MajinBlackheart (8831 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't care for Deadpool, but his story with Hulkpool in WWH was pretty amusing. But I do feel like if any of these 'Hulked-Out Heroes" end up being around long after the rest of them are reverted back to their normal states, it will be Hulkpool.
Also, I'm pleased to see the return of Thing as Blackbeard!

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#17 Posted by sora_thekey (8812 posts) - - Show Bio
@xerox-kitty said:
" I like the Ramos art!"
Same here!
but I have to say that hulking out heroes is a bit out there... and if Deadpool becomes Hulkpool, then it takes his best quality away... "Merc with a Mouth"
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#18 Posted by Grendel (574 posts) - - Show Bio
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#19 Posted by Blindside002 (227 posts) - - Show Bio

I would prefer not to read any spin offs about him, but I don't mind him for a couple issues. I don't mind hulked out heroes since I don't think they will last long.
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#20 Posted by Aronmorales (9735 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Deadpool has finally gotten too big for his britches.

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#21 Posted by LFCMANIA (125 posts) - - Show Bio

what series is hulkpool gonna appear in? deadpool series or hulk series ? 
love deadpool hate hulk but this charachter is awesome !
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#22 Edited by Hellos (8886 posts) - - Show Bio

More Deadpool :P
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#23 Edited by oNBAo OG Mike Hancho (35 posts) - - Show Bio

if everyone here thinks that deadpool is way too popular and ur complaning that hes everywhere, thats only because you LOOK for him everywhere. stop complaining that hes everywhere and deal with YOUR problem by not clicking on his image or a link with his name on it so u can keep complaining.
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#24 Posted by the ace of knaves (402 posts) - - Show Bio
@oNBAo OG Mike Hancho: 
Well said. But haters are gonna hate. And when a character doesn't have 50 years of history he isn't worthy of some time to shine in some peoples eyes. By some people i mean ignorant people.
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#25 Posted by goldenkey (3033 posts) - - Show Bio

they more of a badass then clone.  It's gettig stupid.  You can keep funny but come on now.
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#27 Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

wait i thought world war hulks was a bit more serious

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#28 Posted by Caligula (12660 posts) - - Show Bio

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#29 Posted by Slinger (5779 posts) - - Show Bio

People take comics too seriously these days. Bring on Zombie Hulkpool!

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#30 Posted by KiraIsL (4 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Deadpool, don't see why people moan all the time. There are a lot more annoying characters out there and they appear more frequently.

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#31 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1673 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the only thing to be afraid of here is "merge fever".  Cuz, golly, if Hulkpool does well we could very well see the likes of brilliant ideas such as Captain Spidey, Iron-neato, Ice-Torch, or even the dreaded Jean Fury.

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#32 Posted by TheAntiVillain (76 posts) - - Show Bio

make hulkpool a villain for deadpool corps or the ongoing deadpool 
no spin-offs please or i'm gonna choke a b^#1h

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#33 Posted by Riko121 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

 i dont mind this hulkpool just getting sick of so many dp comics being released a few months ago it was perfect only a couple of series going on which made everything easy to handle and digest, now im just buying comics and dont even get the chance to read them because the following week theres like another 4 min released. Fair do's about getting dp out there for the future film  but seriously marvel need to carm down its only gonna make people hate dp. I use to love buying comics now it like a fricken chore! obviously not going to stop getting them because i love dp so much. Just think they should slow down abit.. please for our sanity!

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#34 Edited by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio

you guys all know this isnt a new Deadpool series right?
thats just page art and promo's form the two part
Hulked Out Heroes book which is part of the World
War Hulks event
. Hulkpool appeared already in that
series. ( 1)( 2)
ill just come out with it. at the end of Fall Of The Hulks several characters,
Deadpool included, in fact he was a major factor in that got turned into Hulks
( i'll stop there,read the issues) . this story is a continuation of that. i think the plot of
these two issues is fairly obvious. something happens that by the end all of the characters
get turned back to normal. i could even guess it might have something to do with the time-traveling 
Hulkpool is said to be doing here.

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#35 Edited by ninjasquirrel01 (85 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh god no...
Hulkpool sums up everything that is wrong with Marvel right now.

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#36 Posted by mavfan626 (4560 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont think there is enuf deadpool there should be more whos with me

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#37 Posted by Suigetsu (1727 posts) - - Show Bio
I would love to see more Hulkpool, but not from a different reality or loeph book.
I would like to see our actual deadpool going hulk mode due to the blood that he got transplanted back in the golden Joe Kelly days. However Not while daniel way is around, he just drops the ball with everything and he sucks.
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#38 Posted by CylonDorado (1880 posts) - - Show Bio

He could join the Deadpool corps.
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#39 Posted by -Eclipse- (7650 posts) - - Show Bio

What bugs me most about Red Hulk's identity being revealed is Jeph Loeb keeps saying "you'll find out soon!" every few months. And we still don't know, probably because Loeb himself hasn't figured out who he wants it to be. If you're going to keep it a secret, Jeph, just say so, but don't lie to our faces every time a new issue comes out.

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#40 Posted by evodmasters (593 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel has now officially jump the red and black shark.

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#41 Posted by spiderguylll (619 posts) - - Show Bio

Its Deadpool fever...Watch this became a solobook
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#42 Posted by Virus13 (27 posts) - - Show Bio


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#43 Posted by the ace of knaves (402 posts) - - Show Bio
Loeb probably doesn't know. He is so out of touch with what is good he probably thought it doesn't matter. Loeb should of retired ages ago.
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#44 Posted by vance_astro (90051 posts) - - Show Bio

Stupid idea...

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#45 Posted by Druid (112 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulked Out Heroes is the stupidest thing I've heard of since Franken-Castle. I suppose there will always be bad ideas floating around or being proposed, but Marvel sure has been letting alot of crap through to publication lately.

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#47 Posted by SSJ5_Goku-San (389 posts) - - Show Bio
@the ace of knaves:  I agree and actually,I wonder how loeb still has a job at Marvel with all the crap he's been making such as Ultimatum and Red Hulk.
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#48 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio

I read it. funny, whacked out wild ride. the time periods we're all used in previous comics, though i cant remember
the exact issues. lived up to what it was supposed to be. nice art. not essential to the World War Hulks story as far
as i could tell though.

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#49 Posted by Shipwreck (119 posts) - - Show Bio

They need to stop. They are just using whatever comes out of their butts and not thinking about story lines. 

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