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Can someone please post a deadpool reading order, i know that all the comics he is in are on this website but it dosent say which order to read them .If you could help that would be great.


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I found this on tumblr. Credits:

"Deadpool Reading Order

  • Deadpool Classic Volumes 1-6 (#7 is out in September)
    -This is all of the original Deadpool stuff, right from his first appearance to his first two miniseries (v1) and up to issue #45 of volume 2. Be warned, there are 69 issues in Deadpool v2 and they aren’t all collected in TPB (trade paperback) yet. DP Classic volumes 1-5 are the very best Deadpool stories in my opinion.
  • Agent X
    -Unfortunately not collected in TPB yet, however, it isn’t required although you may be left confused in Cable & Deadpool if you haven’t read this.
  • Cable & Deadpool volumes 1-8 (or the Ultimate Collections)
    - Picks up after Deadpool v2 ends, widely considered some of the best Deadpool material and I won’t argue with that.
  • Deadpool v3 (2008-current)
    -Picks up after Cable & Deadpool. These are collected in TPBs starting with Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, X Marks The Spot, Monkey Business, What Happens In Vegas, I Rule You Suck, Space Oddity and I’m not entirely sure of the rest. They’re written by Daniel Way and fairly recent. I don’t personally like this run but you might so I’ll include it for completion’s sake.
  • Uncanny X-Force
    -This is collected in several trades (The Apocalypse Solution, Deathlok Nation, Dark Angel Saga Books I & II, Otherworld) and picks up somewhere in the middle of Deadpool v3 but it is far superior, eventually (issue #25) it starts to run after Deadpool #54 and then they coincide somewhat.

  • Merc With A Mouth / Prelude to Deadpool Corps / Deadpool Corps
    - Runs alongside v3, however v3 isn’t required reading to understand what’s going on. It shares a lot of the same qualities however the writing is better (my opinion). More or less a standalone, however they all follow on like a trilogy.
  • Deadpool Team-Up
    - Again this just runs alongside v3 and you don’t need to have read any of the main run to understand it. Three TPB volumes.
  • Deadpool: Suicide Kings / Game$ of Death
    - Collected in trade paperback and again a standalone story.
  • Deadpool: Dead Head Redemption
    - Collects Deadpool #900 & #1000
  • Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War
    - Standalone story again, collected in TPB.
  • Deadpool: Pulp
    - AU (Alternate Universe) 4 issue Deadpool mini which is fantastic and collected in TPB.
  • Deadpool: MAX
    - AU and more ‘mature’ Deadpool series, collected in three TPBs (Deadpool: Max - Nutjob, Deadpool: Max - Involuntary Armageddon & Deadpool: Max - Second Cut)

I think this is everything more or less. I hope this helps!"

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