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So I'm new to comics and am planning on buying some graphic novels to start off, I'd like a Deadpool, preferably some of his first or most important stories. I saw some today in a store, which looked quite good but they were volumes #8, #9 and #10 (I'm not sure what series of, but if anyone knows what volume 1 is?)

(Also, I know it's not Deadpool but the other graphic novel I'm thinking of getting is Marvel Platinum: Definitive Avengers - anyone know if this is any good?)

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I would download them from 4shared or other place.

Welcome to the world of comics,here anything can happen.

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i'm sort of new to comics as well.. but anyone would probably suggest to read the Deadpool Classic series first.

after that i would go the volume series i think Vol 3 is the newest with about 56 or 57 issues at this moment and still on going. But i would start reading Vol. 3 AFTER you've read "Agent X" and "Cable and Deadpool" (which apparently is the best Deadpool story ever)

after that i'm not sure where to go.. maybe Uncanny X-Force.

i'm sure a Deadpool pro will come here and give you a better order and list :D but i hope I helped somewhat

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the cable deadpool series was where I started really getting into Deadpool and I think it is a great jumping on book too

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DeadPool Suicide Kings is good but its pretty independent story, thogh working your way up from the Classics is good to

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