Cable & Death to Appear in 'Deadpool' Video Game

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@LarryDavis: Suppose we'll have to wait and see. Personally I'll wait a while even after it comes out to pick any of them up anyways so I'd actually prefer for them to come out this year.

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@Fantasgasmic said:

@ppetrov83 said:

@Fantasgasmic: Thanos was confirmed way before this, after The Avengers endcredits:

Just because Thanos shown in a scene doesn't mean he was confirmed for Avengers 2. Previously the end credits scenes had set up the next movie non-sequel movie (there wasn't an Iron Man 2 set up). And the next non-sequel movie is Guardians of the Galaxy.

I think you all are getting it wrong. It stated from "this summer's movie" thus meaning Avenger's 1. Thanos was shown to be the mastermind behind everything after the end credits as the chitauri leader reported to him above all else. Thanos is in Guardians of the Galaxy and will more than likely be the main villain of Avengers 2. So you're both kind of right and kind of wrong.

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