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A Match Made In A Very Twisted Part Of Heaven

 Merc & Herc in one comic?! The great thing about working in the comic industry as i do, is that you get a heads up to these sort of things. So when i heard that this was gonna happen i couldn't help but get excited, and my excitement really didn't go to waste on this comic. It was a good duo, Starsky & Hutch, Bugs & Daffy, Bats &... You know what i'll pass on that one but you catch my drift it was a good team-up. I love Marvel Team-Ups and whether they b good or bad i still like the effort made to make the Marvel Universe a bit smaller.

Ok, So this comic was good not amazing, but good maybe even great. DP fans have gotta be happy, we just feasted on a 900 issue which was amazing, and now we get this Team-Up?!? Great Back 2 Back if you ask me. I loved the art in this comic, and i loved the character portrayal even more. Deadpool was funny, Herc was great... the storyline was great. All In All I would give it 5 out 5, but i have some personal reserves on this comic, so i'll bumb it down to a 4.7 ( 0.3 points BIG DEFICT). I say pick it up if you're a DP fan, Pick it up if you just wanna have fun reading something, or just Pick It up if you wanna read a good comic.    

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