Deadpool Team-Up #892

    Deadpool Team-Up » Deadpool Team-Up #892 - Soul Mates released by Marvel on August 2010.

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    What happens when a group of evil frat boys get their hands on the soul of one very angry and very powerful half demonic sorceress named Satana? And what happens when the only person that desperate sorceress can find to help her on such short notice is our lovable and slightly deranged Deadpool? Well, telling you would be telling, but if you listen real hard you might hear the distant chimes bells!? Be there for the event of the season as Deadpool and Satana team up to descend into the Mighty Marvel underworld. Note: One of the "geeks" mentions another had bragged to Satana about his "No Prize;" this was an informal prize given to people who would write to Marvel about errors in past comic books.

    Definition: "Cachet" is a distinguishing mark. Deadpool's trademark is breaking the fourth wall, hence calling his use-of-the-author the official moment of maintaining his method of operation.


    As he prepares for the day, the wickedly beautiful Satana interrupts Deadpool with a plea for help. As she talks, Deadpool can only fix his attention on her more attractive assets. Fortunately, Deadpool is able to catch up on the facts and agrees to help Satana regain her soul. It seems that Satan's daughter lost her soul in a high stakes game of poker to a group of geeks. They each dated her twice in order to see who was the best fit for marriage. It's during their debate that Satana was able to enlist Deadpool's help. He arrives at the debate scene and commences to kill each geek. Sadly, these aren't normal geeks; these are demons looking to use Satana to become heirs of Hell. Fortunately, Deadpool isn't normal; he survives the demon threat after jumping out a window.

    In the hospital, Deadpool and Satana conspire against the demons (who are still debating over her soul). The novel idea: marry Deadpool. Marriages are soul-binding and even demons have to recognize them. The two are wed. To make it fair, Satana takes Deadpool's soul and attempts to strengthen his weapons with its power.

    The debate is over and Satana is summoned to wed the victor. Deadpool steps in, however, with his trump card - the wedding certificate. Loophole: it's not binding if Deadpool is dead. The two square off, but Deadpool has the upper hand since his weapons have been enhanced. He dispatches the demon easily.

    Back at Deadpool's, Satana slips off and leaves a note explaining the inevitable divorce. She does, however, keep half of Deadpool's soul. The merc isn't disappointed. She signed the letter "Yours truly." That's gotta mean something, right?



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    Getting better and better... 0

    Last issue, I was surprised at how good this book actually was, but it still wasn't great. This issue, with Satana as the guest star, is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The action takes a backseat to the comedy, as you'd expect for any Deadpool comic, but somehow, it works. I think because it kinda skewers the "nerd culture" a bit, and I get a lot of those kinds of jokes, so it came out funnier to me. Satana's treatment of Deadpool was also a highlight. Anytime they're on-panel together, it's hilar...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Deal with Diabloess 0

    Synopsis  Ah...another Deadpool book, can I take it? Actually I was fairly impressed with this book. I most definitely cannot take anymore Deadpool books in continuity. This one is a slight departure from that and features Satana this time around. I have been getting these issues off-and-on and only when they catch my eye.The Good  Art and story. I don't know much about Satana but I'm glad that I got this issue. Shes smokin' (literally and figuratively) and Wade cannot get enough of her, so much...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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