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The Rogue Peanut Gallery 0

The story continues, the fights continue, nose are bitten off.Okay, this issue is really worth buying simply for any scene Deadpool is in, not the pages with Tombstone or anything else. I loved the first few pages because:The opening pages parodies Marvel's Wonder Wizard of Oz series, Deadpool as Dorothy, Spider-Man as the Scarecrow, The Punisher as the Tin Man & Daredevil as the Cowardly Lion (some of you will get that right away). And the Punisher blows a munchkin's head off.Deadpool runs ...

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Not all that great 0

In this issue Daredevil and Deadpool are hunting for the kid who set Deadpool up for murder. At the same time they are being hunted by the Punisher. The world  this issue takes place in seems just a touch more realistic than the last couple of issues of the regular series. However,  this fact just does not save the issue from falling flat. Seriously, this issue barely keeps its creative head above water. Only the Punisher makes this book worth anything....

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