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Black Tom tries to heal himself by attaching a hand of Deadpool's, but the painful regeneration is too much to handle. As a result, the assault of Deadpool, Banshee, and Siryn gets rebuffed by Black Tom's anger. Deadpool manages to find a way to even the deck and gets Black Tom the help he needs, while escaping with the very doctor that gave Deadpool his powers to begin with.


Deadpool, Banshee, and Siryn sneak into Black Tom's castle on the Hudson River and reduce a portion of it to rubble fighting off some guards. Deadpool slinks off to avoid trouble (his healing powers are still glitchy) and Banshee and Siryn quickly run into Black Tom himself.

Deadpool unexpectedly finds Dr. Killebrew and demands that the doctor restore his healing factor. The demands are short-lived, however, once Deadpool sees Siryn get thrown through a wall. Deadpool confronts Black Tom and sees that Black Tom has Deadpool's old hand attached. Black Tom is infuriated at seeing Deadpool and moves in for the kill. Danny Peyer shows up, however, by kicking open a door and unknowingly knocking Black Tom into the courtyard. Deadpool convinces Danny to check the courtyard for Black Tom (and a likely hefty reward for taking him in) and Danny gets a blast in the face from Black Tom. But Deadpool is not out of danger yet: the Juggernaut arrives at the fight.

Juggernaut is angry and takes a few swipes at Deadpool. One punch manages to take Deadpool's mask off. This sends Deadpool over the edge, as his mask is his dignity. Siryn manages to knock Juggernaut into the river, but Deadpool's mask floats away in the wind. Siryn retrieves it and returns it to Deadpool, who seems intent on not showing Siryn his face. She urges him to stop pushing her away and he gives her the full view of his face. She instinctively recoils, but then relents and apologizes. She and Deadpool then restart the search for Black Tom.

Dr. Killebrew notes to Black Tom that his condition has been stabilized, but that Deadpool's hand seems to be taking over Black Tom's body. Black Tom could die if not treated. Deadpool rushes in and tackles Black Tom. He then breaks the villains arm. Deadpool wants to kill Black Tom, but he stops at Siryn's pleadings. Instead, Deadpool grabs Dr. Killebrew as Juggernaut insurance. Sure enough, the Juggernaut crashes in but gets talked down by Deadpool, as Dr. Killebrew is the only person that can help Black Tom.

Dr. Killebrew gets to work and gets Black Tom prepped for flight to a hospital. While Banshee and the Juggernaut banter about Black Tom's impending escape from prison (when healthy, of course), Deadpool nabs Dr. Killebrew and the two leave the castle - but not before Deadpool says goodbye to Siryn.

Danny Peyer watches Deadpool leave and vows that he will get Deadpool back.



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Honestly, I expected this volume to end like the Circle Chase: a little rushed and leaving the reader unsure of how things end. Instead, the issue is nicely paced for a finale and things are wrapped up rather nicely.The fights are toned down, as they were for the whole volume, since Deadpool is still struggling with his healing powers. This gives Deadpool ample opportunity to sling his one-liners around. Deadpool also gets some further heart-to-heart time with Siryn. All-in-all, this issue helps...

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