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Review: Deadpool Max #5

Deadpool's triple-crossed mission gets a whole lot dicier with the return of his old mentor - - and pseudo-dominatrix - - the Taskmaster.

The Good

Baker takes his stylization a step or two further in this issue by employing a wealth of textures and patterns that make the  whole thing feel that much more trippy. I mentioned some pleasing similarities to Elektra: Assassin in earlier issues and the new psycho-sexual hang-ups DP has over his mother give this a juicy, zesty twist.

The Bad

As fanboyish as it sounds, I'm a little perplexed as to where this fits into continuity. I suppose the off-kilter take on Cable should've been a tip-off, but the inclusion of a deep-in-the-pages character like Hydra Bob has got me confused about whether this Lady Taskmaster is supposed a new villainess or some warped perception of the real Taskmaster inside DP's fractured psyche.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

Once again, I'll say I appreciate this for feeling like a burlesque take-off on Deadpool that'd be easily at home in Playboy's old comics section. While I don't know if it's the best expression of the character (like how Punisher's Max freed Castle to be himself) it's still fresh alternative for the character, and that's hard to pull of when Deadpool's showing up as much as he does these days.

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