Deadpool Max #1

    Deadpool Max » Deadpool Max #1 - Heads released by Marvel on December 2010.

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    When the world has a problem that's bigger than any government, special ops team, or C.I.A. smart bomb can solve, they call in the one man crazy enough to solve it: Deadpool. Possibly unkillable mercenary, definite weapons expert and swordsman, hopeless romantic, nutjob.

    It's that last part that presents a small problem and that's where Agent Bob steps in. Bob's sole charge in life is to point Deadpool at the problem and pull the trigger -- not any easy task when your agent is a dime short of a dollar and three cards shy of a full deck, and even harder when you've gone deep cover in the impenetrable fortress of Hammerhead, the Grand Don of the most powerful criminal organization in the world, and your unkillable super agent is head over heels for a busty French maid baker named Inga...well, you begin to see the inherent problems of the job.

    But no one can take it like Bob, no one can dish it like Deadpool, and no one can show you every last detail of it like MAX! You may think you know Deadpool have no idea.



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    Review: Deadpool Max #1 0

    A fed's undercover mission in Hammerhead's Maggia is threatened to be ruined by the reckless, insane maverick he's been patterned with -- Deadpool.  The Good As a long time DP fan, it's fun to finally see the character put in a no-holds-barred situation like this. It feels like I'm finally seeing the character as he was meant to be, rather than toned down to be safer. It's a smart move on Lapham's part to tell this story from the perspective of DP's reluctant agent, because it gives a lot more ...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Bloody Brillent 0

    Okay, first off....I've been pumped for this series the minute it was announced. I had high expectations for this book, I mean...We got a writer who has written two really good Deadpool stories, an artist who has brought his A game and actually made some pretty good looking artwork and a MAX rating meaning the writer can cut loose and do whatever he wants without being held back by expectations were high.   It gave me almost everything I wanted.   First let's discuss the artwork, ...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Disappointing 0

    Back when Howard Stern left terrestrial radio and started doing satellite, people were unsure what the effects of (for the most part) censorship removal would have on the content of the show. Some were worried that once the members of the show were allowed to say whatever they wanted, the show would devolve into more extreme shock value and profanity for profanities' sake. Because you're allowed to say anything, you go ahead and do so, regardless of whether it's funny or interesting. Luckily, af...

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