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Only in another dimension

Seriously only in another dimension could Deadpool beat most if any of the marvel greats. In a dimension that has absolutely no relation to the shared or ultimate universes of marvel. The premise of the comic is that Deadpool gets psychologically altered into needing to kill the coveted 'Marvels'. Without spoiling it it is pretty funny but not the "lolz" associated with Deadpool, because in this he is in a coveted villain. I am anxious to see how he takes on Wolverine (who should never, on any strata, lose) and the likes of the Hulk - even if it is not the current hulk - who's skin can withstand adimantium being beaten with by a schizophrenic with a butter knife.

Cullen Bunn is the writer who I am not as familiar with, but he does write well for this story, shedding a nice light on a serious and motive (actually though) Deadpool.

The artist is also, to me not very well known. Dalibor Talajic has a nice style that is appropriate and fitting for the climate and atmosphere of this premise. All in all I'll probably get the other three issues, seeing as it is a four issue mini-series. I recommend, however, this issue for anyone who wants to read a story about a serious deadpool that has an actual conviction for once.

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