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The final act of the Deadpool Killogy begins!

Deadpool sets his sights on the ultimate target...himself!

Contains over 700% of your daily recommended Deadpool!

The fist book of the final chapter of the story begins with the Evil Deadpool of Earth-12101 in Zombie Deadpool(Headpool's) kitchen and puts him to his end by microwaving him. Evil Deadpool then uses a watch on his wrist to "bodyslide" into another universe.

Meanwhile, in on Earth-616, Deadpool is single-handedly taking down an attack by the organization ULTIMATUM when the Deadpool Corps' Bea Arthur crashes into the huge robot.

Since their last appearance the Corps gained two more members, Golden Age Deadpool and Pulp fiction Deadpool. Lady Deadpool tries to explain to him that they have been targeted when Evil Deadpool Blasts and kills the Golden Age Deadpool and Dogpool.

Deadpool fights his Evil counterpart and bodyslides him by half. Half the Evil Deadpool is left in the Earth-616 Universe and begins to regenerate when Deadpool hits him with his own anti-regeneration ray (It is not seen, but it is implied that his other half will regenerate with the dimension-hopping watch).

The Corps aboard the Bea Arthur and fly away. Kidpool is upset about Dogpool's Death and Deadpool tries to comfort him. Pulp Deadpool says that they visited dozens of more universes before they found him. The Watcher is also aboard and explains to Deadpool why his Evil Counterpart is hunting the Corps down.



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