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Representing the hit Infinite Comic in print for the first time!

Deadpool and his bride-to-be take on the forces of Dracula...for keeps!

Plus: an all new epilogue story


Chapter 9

Dracula scorns Baqir and Amjad for their terrible behavior. The brothers don't say a word, as they are dead; Dracula has been musing to their heads on pikes. Bug sees the grisly scene and flits back to Shiklah to report what he has seen.

Shiklah has been (getting) busy. She and Deadpool have boarded a cruise ship and taken a room by force. She and Deadpool have also taken their relationship from business associates to something quite a bit more intimate. Shiklah gets the report from Bug concerning her brothers and she is at a loss for words. Deadpool feels bad for her and consoles her.

In New York, the two run into a bunch of vampires dressed as costumed street performers. A fight ensues and an army of costumed vampires descends on the fracas. Deadpool and Shiklah takes refuge in a church. The vampires do not dare to enter sacred ground so they wait outside. After some time, however, they leave. As they do, Deadpool asks a preacher to help him out with a crazy idea.

After a while, the Frightful Four arrive and prepare to storm the church. Deadpool leaps out a window and backs the monsters towards the door. The door is covered in C-4 and explodes. The monsters are unfazed and attack Deadpool, who takes the fight as a bit of a joke. After some fairly painful treatment, however, Deadpool gets angry.

Chapter 10

In the Monster Metropolis, vampires spread lies about Shiklah's family and calls for a round-up of the succubi. Shiklah sneaks in and frees those already taken captive.

On the streets, Deadpool lights the Living Mummy on fire, chops the hooves off the diabetic Marcus the Centaur, and tosses Xzax into traffic. Frankenstein's monster attempts to smash Deadpool's head, but their fight is interrupted when monsters and vampires from below spill onto the street.



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