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    Deadpool is through with assassin jobs, being a hero, and more importantly, he wants OUT of life! When Deadpool finds a serum that is able to cancel his healing factor abilities; he is going to do whatever it takes to get his hands on that serum and finally die.

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    After the death of Evil Deadpool. Wade teleports into a junkyard angry that Evil Deadpool died and not him. So Wade decides to take matters into his own hands and decides to come up with an elaborate plan to get his hands on a serum that will not only get rid of his healing factor, but make him killable. So Deadpool manipulates X-Force and Daken into looking for the serum (by telling X-Force the serum is a threat to mutants, and convincing Daken into using it on his father). Deadpool also got his "friend" Bob, to convince the Kingpin and Tombstone into looking for the serum. What Wade doesn't know, is that Tombstone is the one who invented the serum to kill Deadpool (in vengeance from Suicide Kings). X-Force tracks down the Kingpin (thinking he has the serum), only to get into a fight with Typhoid Mary and The Hand. X-Force eventually escapes in fear of their identity being exposed. X-Force then loses trust in Deadpool after seeing his odd behavior and betrayal to get the serum. Daken managed to get a serum and used it on his father Wolverine but failed when he realized that the serum only works on Deadpool (one of the ingredients is deadpool's hair). So after Deadpool escapes from X-Force, Deadpool meets up with Bob only to get stabbed by Bob who had the serum. Deadpool now excited that he's mortal, thanks Bob and prepares to be killed by X-Force, but Bob expresses anger by telling Deadpool that he injected Wade the cure to teach him a lesson about the importance of life. Bob also reminds Deadpool that if he gets killed by X-Force and not Tombstone, then Bob will be killed for not completing the job. Deadpool then realizes his mistakes and decides to not die and protect Bob from Tombstone. But Tombstone finds Deadpool and tries to kill him and Bob. Tombstone eventually lost to Deadpool by driving a newspaper truck into Tombstone. Deadpool then decides to hide Bob by taking him to the train station. Worried about disguises, Wade figures the best disguise is without costumes. When Wade takes off his mask, he sees his face unscarred and perfectly normal. So Deadpool and Bob go to the train station only to be confronted by X-Force. Wade surrenders only if they allow him to take Bob to a safe place. X-Force gives Wade three days to take Bob to a safe place then lets Deadpool stay on the team

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