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    Deadpool Corps is a team of Deadpools from alternate universes. The team is founded by Deadpool 616 himself.

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    Step aside Green Lantern Corps, here comes the Deadpool Corps!

    "Show off the New bling, people! WE ARE THE DEADPOOL CORPS."

    The following are Deadpool Corp members:

    • Deadpool - The Deadpool from our universe, and leader of the team.
    • Dogpool - An alternate reality version of Deadpool, if Deadpool was a mutt.
    • Headpool - The talking severed head from Zombie Deadpool.
    • Kidpool - A child version of Deadpool from an alternate universe.
    • Lady Deadpool - A sassy female version of Deadpool from an alternate universe.

    During 'Deadpool Kills Deadpool':


    "Through lightest dark or darkest light,

    You dont need no bling to join the fight.

    We're mercs with mouths and so much more,

    Yippee-ki-yay, we're the Deadpool Corps!"

    The Forming of The Deadpool Corps.

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    The Deadpool Corps was formed when, the Contemplator pulled Deadpool out of his universe to form a team to fight a menace. Deadpool accepted, and traveled to several universes to pick up alternate versions of himself to form his team. He grabbed Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Zombiepool from their universes and formed The Deadpool Corps.

    Once formed the Contemplator told them that the menace they will be fighting is a byproduct of the big bang theory, a cast of negative energy that developed sentience and evolved. It travels the galaxy to find planets and devour consciousness from the minds of all that lived on them. The Deadpools accepted the mission and left to battle the "cloudy bad thing."

    Eventually the team ran into the Champion

    who wished to test the Deadpool Corps by battling them hand to hand, however the Deadpool Corps tricked him by having Deadpool moon the Champion, which created a distraction long enough for Kidpool to steal his bike and leave him stranded on the deserted planet. After humiliating the Champion, Deadpool left the other members of the Deadpool Corps to grab Hot Pockets and check on Dogpool. Deadpool liked Dogpool the most, since he was the only member who wouldn't steal the show from him and couldn't talk.

    The Deadpool Corps landed on a planet to refuel the ship and so Deadpool could play some hanky-panky with hot alien chicks. Kidpool and Zombie-Deadpool stayed to refuel the ship and later name the ship after Bea Arthur, while Lady Deadpool, Deadpool, and Dogpool went to a local bar. While hitting on hot alien chicks, Deadpool and Lady Deadpool get into a fight with the Champion who managed to get a lift off the deserted planet from the Gardener. The Champion easily overpowered the two Deadpool's in a very short fight in the middle of the bar. Deadpool tells Lady Deadpool to run back to the ship and that him and Dogpool will take care of the Champion. After Dogpool bites the Champions face, Deadpool convinces both the Champion and the Gardener to join his team. Lady Deadpool arrives with the rest of the team to find the bar trashed and everyone in it passed out drunk.

    Back on their ship, Deadpool reveals the Champion in a Deadpool type costume which causes the team to chuckle. Before long, an apparent enemy has been spotted. The Champion, who now assumes he is the leader, decides to face the opponent. He lands to face the enemy, and finds no one. Once again, the Deadpool Corps leaves him stranded.

    Deadpool & Lady Deadpool getting gassed
    Deadpool & Lady Deadpool getting gassed

    While falling asleep, Deadpool realizes he left Dogpool at the bar, and the Bea Arthur space ship is completely surrounded by followers of theAwareness. They are pulled inside of the mother-ship with a tractor beam, and since the team doesn't have any other option, they decide to face the enemies head-on. The followers expected this however and pump the hangar bay full of knock-out gas. Headpool isn't affected by the gas, seeing as he's an undead zombie head and doesn't need to breathe, and hides from the followers. By the time our Deadpool Corps comes to they find themselves trapped in a cell and the leader of the votives of The Awareness informs the Deadpool Corps that they will be absorbed into The Awareness after hearing their intent to destroy it.

    Meanwhile Dogpool has been hitching intergalactic rides to catch up with the rest of the Deadpool Corps and winds up in the same ride to the followers' mother-ship as the Champion. When they arrive they encounter Headpool and a plan is formed, while Headpool and Champion go to the control room to fly the ship into the nearest sun, Dogpool will go free the other Deadpools from their cell. They all do their part of the plan, and everyone except the Champion, who stays behind to make sure the ship flies into the sun, fights their way back to the Bea Arthur.

    The Deadpool Corps continues their mission to find and destroy the Awareness and try to find The Eyeball, a kingpin of crime in this sector of the galaxy they're in, to get some information on how to find and destroy the Awareness. After killing nearly all of his body guards The Eyeball tells the Deadpool Corps that their best shot to get to the Awareness unnoticed is a smuggler going by the name of the Broken Blade


    The Deadpool Corps go search for the Broken Blade at Caligula Station, a sort of space port. While Deadpool, Headpool and Dogpool go find the smuggler, Lady Deadpool and Kidpool go shopping. They find the Broken Blade in a bar with the same name and she's a hot alien chick. Due to Deadpool's natural charisma a fight breaks out between him and hot female Broken Blade. When she deems Deadpool a worthy sparring partner she invites him to her private quarters where they 'discuss' the matter between the sheets. After all this, Broken Blade agrees to help the Deadpool Corps get to the Awareness undetected. However during their shopping, Lady Deadpool and Kidpool are noticed by an agent of the followers of the Awareness, who summons the entire fleet at his position.

    Protector-bot attacks!
    Protector-bot attacks!

    When the Deadpool Corps seems to be totally outnumbered by the followers of the Awareness- again - Broken Blade tells Deadpool that she's got a few special weapons just for this scenario. Deadpool, like a child full of joy, gets to shoot the enemy space ships. With atomic bombs! Soon the enemies are defeated and or heroes travel on to face the Awareness. When they finally reach the Awareness, they are noticed by it and it tries to absorb their minds. However the Deadpools their minds appear to be "full of bull****" and the Awareness decides simply to use their minds against them and destroy themselves. However Headpool seems to have evaded the Awareness' radar by being, well .., dead, and finds the Awareness and then cuts off his feed to the other Deadpools their brains. Free of his control the foes face his last resort protection: Protector-bot. Deadpool prepares himself for battle and by the time he's ready -- Lady Deadpool and Kidpool have already taken the gigantic robot out. They kill the Awareness and are rewarded by the Elders with special rings which they can use only once to summon forth the help of the Elders

    -- too bad for Headpool he has no hands, or arms, or a body for that matter..


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