Deadpool #9

    Deadpool » Deadpool #9 - Hard to Get released by Marvel on May 2009.

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    Special crossover with the Thunderbolts! Love is in the air, and so are a lot of bullets! Is Black Widow really falling for Deadpool, or is she using her feminine whiles to bamboozle our questionable hero? Here's a hint: Her names Black Widow! Don't do it, Wade! Magnum Opus, the shoot 'em up romp of the year, as it revs toward it's conclusion as Deadpool pulls an ace from his sleeve. Enter: TASKMASTER!


    What she doesn't know but soon finds out is, that the This issue begins with Deadpool having asked The Black Widow if she had a boyfriend. The response is less than what Deadpool was hoping for, as the Black Widow takes her anger out on his man parts.

    Or at leat she would have if he wasn't packing a gun in his jock. They continue their flirting until the Paladin shows up and starts gunning for Deadpool wh quickly teleports away.

    Deadpool is back at his hideout talking to the Taskmaster, the two of them exchange witty banter as they prepare for the next attack. Something involving both of them being dressed the same.

    We then cut to the Black Widow who is sittng barefoot at a table in the Thunderbolt headquarters. Paladin confronts her on what she is doing, she tells him she is researching Deadpool to come up with a plan to capture him.

    His escape is one thing that Norman Osbourne is chastising the team about. When the quesion of how they are going to recapture him, Norman simply suggests they read the number of of the banner being dragged by an airplane.

    Black Widow calls the number and understands that Deadpool is most likely tracing the phone call.

    call is just a diversion, and Deadpool attacks her team outside their headquarters. He teleports into the Thunderbolt headquarters where he and Black Widow fight. A fight that ends with Deadpool giving her a big kiss.

    Before he can find out where that might lead him, the Thunderbolts call on the radio saying they are on their way back up, and Deadpool teleports back to his headquarters.

    There he reconviens with Taskmaster and the two set out to make their final run against the Thnderbolts. One on the ground, fighting the team, and one on the roof with Black Widow. The Widow does her flirting and offers to fly Deadpool away, but when he gets on th plane, he finds that he is trapped.


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    Deadpool : 90% Madness , 10% Sexual Tension, 10% All Man 0

    I was lucky that I have a hold file at my local comic book store because this issue sold out in less than an hour and when I got there I thought the release date might have just been an April Fool's Joke. But it wasn't so I won't bore you with that.Deadpool finds himself where we left him in Thuderbolts #130, seducing Black Widow, Yelena Belova. And seemingly doing an excellent job of it. While they only have a brief moment for him to lay on the charm before he has to teleport away, he gets all ...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Deadpool & Black Widow 0

     Okay ladies and Gentlemen what we have here is an issue of Deadpool that is actually as funny as the series promised it would be in the first couple of issues. Especially with the interplay between him and the Black Widow. Or him and the taskaster. Either way it is some funny dialogue put to action that would otherwise look just like any issue of any other comic book. That of course is the weakness of the book. Not a huge weakness. I enjoyed the book, ad I can easily recommend it. Although sinc...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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