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First thought- Sexy Zombies is a creepy idea.

OK so...Deadpool is captured by this doctor and his weird Zombies. The story jumps forward and backwards which actually makes it thrilling and interesting. The art is pretty f%#@ing awesome in some of the pages and the cover is just cool. And creepy.

So Deadpool is still a genius who uses the advanges from his past (thanks to Weapon X), escapes, tricking everybody in this story, makes a "grand finale" and stays without the money...

So this issue itself was great. But this comics jumps from one story to another very fast. And they don't really finish them...I still think about whats the end with the Skrulls and the 3rd story is now about to begin. I hope everingthing story that started will also end.

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    Just read the title of this review. Deadpool is finally not funny. The first 4 issues displayed comedic talent far beyond my comprehension. At last, this issue came and it was dumb.That's all.On the plus side, the art was cool.I dunno if he was getting complaints about being not serious enough or something, but l only had one little ounce of laughter and it was when he escaped and we didn't know how. He says something like "You know l'm gonna get out of this somehow," and the next guy says, "I d...

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