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Continuous confusion

This issue of Deadpool had me reading fast, I couldn't wait to see what happened

What we can like about it:

In this issues we have Cap, again, trying to apprehend Deadpool. No one else knows about Evil Deadpool with the exception of Mr Negative. Everyone wants Deadpool to pay for his crimes including whats happened in recent issues when he was in England. I though Cap freaking out about the bag of poo that was thrown was hilarious but when it blew up I realized that Deadpool was making a distraction. Deadpool has developed into a thinker in these last couple of issues and I think that is great. I really think he could be written better but I wont argue with the direction the book is currently going. Knowing that Marvel wants to kill him off, or so they have alluded to, I find myself thinking up ways it might go down and who all is connected to it. I loved the spread where Deadpool is running away from everyone after his diversion, it was an awesome job by Salvia Espin!

What We Wont Like About it:

I never care for the way people randomly appear in comics, like the Interpol woman in this issue. I really wish they had pointed out in a previous issue that someone would be coming after him. I am also wondering is it possible for Deadpool to ever kill Evil Deadpool or catch that guy? He's been pretty clever with hows he's done things I hope he doesn't slip up doing something stupid and that's how the arc ends. I think this guy is starting to become something great and I really don't want him to fade away as some rouge in Deadpool's villain's gallery. The cover led me to believe Cap would be confused or tempted. We, the readers, see hes confused about Deadpool working as a team with someone else, but Cap believes he's right. I was really upset the book didn't focus on one character for very long it bonces around a lot between the three: Deadpool, Captain America, and Evil Deadpool. I really wished it developed the story more with one of them in place of jumping around with them all. It made the story a bit harder to follow for me.

With there powers combined:

Overall a decent story with a few things that bugged me, I may change my view later after re-reading the issues in order after the arc is finished but as it stands now a 3.5 is what im giving this. Deadpool has really been trying to be a good guy in the last couple of years and I wish some things could have been done diffrent, but we have a pretty good arc in front of us now and thats what im focused on and how this will affect whats suppose to happen in issues to come.

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