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Progress? Hell no!

The story
Deadpool is still incarcerated in a prison psych ward, previously we saw how a doctor Whitby was very passionate while treating Deadpool, especially after he created a violent incident. After this Deadpool seems to lose interest in reality, but soon there's yet another violent outburst. People get their asses kicked, and Deadpool leaves the institution. But the doctor shows him way more than a professional interest. Insert new gimmick here.
The good
I liked the intrigue of having Deadpool institutionalized and found that this could offer a couple of interesting possibilities. Especially when his "inner voices" seemed to disappear in the previous issue. I also liked the more violent tone these issues seemed to take, I thought we'd get a return to a more violent, less insane Deadpool. Barberi 's art is still very suitable for giving us a slick looking Deadpool comic.
The bad
As I said: I thought we 'd get a return to a more serious, violent and less insane, gimmicky Deadpool. Alas Daniel Way seems to avoid character progress like its rabies. This entire arc had a lot of potential but has led us nowhere and seemed only to serve as a set-up for a gimmick-filled next issue. It's like he wanted to tease us with the prospect of actually writing a decent Deadpool, but than shouts: "Progress?! Hell no you idiots, here's some more meaningless gimmicks!"
The conclusion
This entire arc is just utterly meaningless. While quite a few of Daniel Way's other meaningless arcs have some funny moments that could make you chuckle, these issues don't even have those moments. On a positive note: it is pleasant to see a more violent Deadpool again.

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