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I'm joining the hippies!

"Hey man, what's your favorite ongoing?"

"Deadpool or Fables, I don't really count Fables because I read it in trade and caught up, so Deadpool, I guess!"

"Deadpool? But isn't he just a dumb character with no development or anything anyone would would besides dumb jokes?"


Deadpool by Duggan and Poeshn has been asbolutley brilliant from start and its soon to be finish. One of the things that has really made it stick out is that after every arc they do an issue where they slow down and have a one off they're usually throw backs that to other times in comics, but usually have a big effect on the story as a whole. This one is a propaganda issue where Deadpool follows Roxxon and finds out some of the atrocities it causes. This is done by the stuff it's portraying being portrayed seriously but Deadpool not taking it seriously. After a little bit he joins the other side and fights Roxxon.

The plot isn't mindblowing and what it really comes down to is the execution, and it works. It's a lot of fun reading this comic and it even includes a puzzles page with a crossword and word search! Doesn't get cooler than that.

The coloring was done with crayons, yes, crayons. It actually works, the pencils are simple and displays what needs to be shown.


This is a quick review to showcase a great comic.

It also has Jason Latour and Jason Aaron fighting a minotaur, what's not to love?

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