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    I flat out loved the first 3 issues of the current run of Deadpool, as the story has been wacky and filled with humor that I quite enjoy. Unfortunately, this issue suffers as writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan have to push the metaphorical fast forward button to finish this plot arc by the next issue.

    We get alot of fun dialogue, similar to every issue of the current run and Deadpool. No doubt about it, Posehn and Duggan have a fun and zanny grasp on how to write Deadpool and all of his supporting characters. However, their writing really suffers as Deadpool essentially has to play catchup, and jump from location to location to deal with more undead presidents. The best writing on this issue often comes from when Deadpool only has to focus on one primary opponent (ex. JFK, Lincoln). The scenes where Deadpool has to fight multiple "D-List presidents" feel very throwaway, and only serve as means to allow Posehn and Duggan to check off more presidents that Deadpool has offed.

    I also normally greatly enjoy Tony Moore's art on this book, but this issue doesn't feel quite as well done as the others. I can't put my finger on what exactly my qualm with the art is, but it doesn't look quite as good as the first three issues. I will say though Tony Moore's art is still quite a great fit for this book!

    This issue feels like a stumble from the creative team. This issue suffered from "mediocre middle issue syndrome" that some comics suffer from. Hopefully, this is just a slight misstep, and that the end of this story arc is as good as the first few issues!

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