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Deadpool, Kane, Copycat, and Slayback have a reunion of sorts when they all show up at the end of the hunt for Tolliver's will. The ultimate weapon, however, is not what anyone had thought.


Weasel huffs and puffs his way into a Nepalese temple, the hoped-for site of Tolliver's Will bounty - the greatest weapon of all time. He finally enters and finds Deadpool standing on a mound of defeated monks. Weasel scans the temple and finds a very strong electromagnetic flux coming from an upper chamber. The two friends head that way while ignoring a slightly lower reading below them. That reading happens to be Slayback, Deadpool's old enemy. He is holding Copycat as a hostage and notes the arrival of another old friend, Garrison Kane.

Upstairs, Deadpool and Weasel find a locked door and break into it. They open the door to a room filled with weapons. They proceed slowly in case any traps were left by Tolliver. They look for the prized weapon and stumble upon a large man-statue-thing that kind of looks like Stryfe's old cronie Zero. Kane barges in before they can decipher the white figure's presence. Naturally, Deadpool and Kane begin fighting. Slayback gleefully ascends the stairs to the weapons room with Copycat in tow. Slayback then joins the fracas. Deadpool can't believe Slayback's presence since he personally killed Slayback ten years prior.

As Deadpool and Slayback fight, Kane sees Weasel by the white figure. Kane explains that the ADAM unit is meant to absorb energy signatures and not to be a weapon. To fully activate the unit, Weasel shoots it right in the face. Zero flickers to life.

To the side, Deadpool is getting man-handled by Slayback. Deadpool is finally pinned to the wall and Slayback attempts to drive a spike through Deadpool's stomach. Copycat acts quickly and jumps in front of the blow. Slayback is taken off guard but soon recovers and attempts to impale Deadpool again. By this time, however, Zero is fully operational and Slayback feels his mechanical parts starting to short circuit. Zero approaches each person. He nullifies Weasel's weapons. He spares Kane since it appears that Kane uses his skills and weapons for good. He then starts to nullify Deadpool as a biological weapon. Deadpool refutes the title of a walking weapon and explains to Zero that his powers can also be used for good. He rips off his shirt and exposes his constantly healing skin. He then places Copycat's hand on his chest so she can absorb some of this healing powers. The hole in her stomach heals and Copycat lives. Zero sees his job is done and disappears.

Copycat thanks Deadpool for his help but acknowledges that the relationship they had before cannot be salvaged. Kane carries her out while Deadpool realizes that he's got to make some changes. He starts by stealing some valuables from the temple.



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That's the End? 0

Let me get this straight: this issue is how Deadpool's first ever mini-series ends? But there was so much promise! The first issue introduced a tasty plot with great supporting characters. The second built upon this nicely. The third dug into DP's past while accelerating the plot. This issue... meh. Allow me sum up the failures of this issue.First off, why does Copycat contract some kind techno virus? I know that her powers enable her to shape her body like that of people she has close contact w...

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