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Hulk grant wish

First of all, I love Deadpool. I've been in love with the character ever since I read the original Deadpool run by Joe Kelly. I also loved Cable & Deadpool. So yeah, call me a fanboy, I guess.

The story
Deadpool decides (yet again) that he wants to die. But if you have a kick-ass healing factor, dying isn't exactly easy. Enter: the Hulk.

The good
The story itself is entertaining, full of action and surely has its funny moments. The battle tactics are pretty much what you'd expect from Deadpool. Dazo's art really is something I love to look at, but I guess some people won't appreciate it. Everything in this issue does make me at least a bit curious to see what Hulk 'll do next.

The bad
Dazo's artwork does seem of a lesser quality than what he previously did with Deadpool stories ( like Merc with a Mouth & the vampire arc ). Plus, when you really look at this arc, you 'll see that this simply is a repeat of already-told Deadpool stories. Deadpool vs Hulk has already been done, and Deadpool wanting to kill himself to be with Death isn't exactly new either. Of course you can explore this route as a writer, but I 'd like to see some new stuff added in as well.  **

Certainly not a bad issue. People who are content reading the current Deadpool on going will probably love this story. The writing is OK, the art is fun to look at. Overall as I said, a very entertaining issue.

** a bit more on my opinion of Daniel Way's writing ( you can totally skip this, as this doesn't exactly refer to the issue itself, but rather the whole series ): Frankly, I'm tired of Daniel Way writing this book. Deadpool used to be a character with a lot of potential. Throughout Deadpool Classic and Cable & Deadpool the character knew actual growth and depth. When Daniel Way started with this run, I thought this was going to continue. I liked the Secret Invasion arc. The Bullseye arc was great as well. But the character itself and the series seem to be stuck. Nearly all of the latest arcs have, simply put, been one gimmick after another. Daniel Way has some crazy idea, and he throws it into a story. The up side: crazy stuff happens. The down side: only crazy stuff happens, there is no more room for any actual story-telling. Deadpool 's character has had no growth, at all, since Daniel Way took over. Honestly, its not that I hate the current Deadpool stories, they 're fun and so on. But I really want to see one of my favorite characters develop a bit more, instead of being stuck doing one idiotic thing after an other.

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