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No Love For Deadpool!


I have no idea what's going on here, but it's at least pretty fitting.  This series requires funny covers, so that has been accomplished.

The Good:

After three (or four) issues of useless space adventures, we get Wilson back on Earth, and this is at least a very nice transition.  His "friends" are deserving of what they get, and for as much saturation as we get from this character, it was well done here.  Of course, this is still not as good as Deadpool in UXF, but in this issue, at least, it was fun enough to not be overbearing.  Also, the fight scenes in here are at least pretty cool as well, and we get the return of many different characters off Wilson's past.

The Bad:

Obviously, it's Deadpool, so it can come off cheesy or silly sometimes.  My main bother comes from the few penultimate pages.  I was a little confused, and I actually wasn't sure if Deadpool was really insane.  Hopefully that's explained in future issues (if a coherent arc ever really exists within the pages of a Deadpool comic).


We get a fresh breath of Deadpool back on Earth and the fight scenes, along with the numerous appearances of old characters, makes the transition well done.  It wasn't too overbearing and it had some pretty humorous panels (LEEEROOOOY JENKINS!!).  Looking forward to more if they remain in this caliber or better.


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