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Review: Deadpool #34

Deadpool's has to get creative and deceptive to gain the upper hand on Id, his impossibly lunar enemy.

The Good

Id the Selfish Moon is such a fitting idea for a villain: I'm truly shocked that nobody got the idea to add him to the mythos before this arc. Barberi's clearly having a ball with this loopy monstrosity and his fun's truly infectious - - just look at that one double splash of Id looking down on the crop circle Deadpool left him. He's got such great body language in his art that you can't help but chortle over even a quick glance at the pages.

The Bad

Mayhem and mockery's great, but I am starting to miss the dark pathos that used to underlie all of Deadpool's adventures. I really have been enjoying this title over all these previous issues, but I would like them to start cutting a little closer to the heart of Wade Wilson and all the tragic ugliness inside him.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

All I've gotta say is that this arc better conclude with DP running into Super Ego the Wise Sun. It'd be a seriously missed opportunity if that didn't happen. The 'Pool serves as a great foil for the more somber and absurd elements of Marvel's cosmic world, but I'm hoping he'll start examining his own Id and Ego in this book before too long.

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