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Deadpool has a daughter, apparently, in this Original Sin Tie-IN!

Last review from this series, DPool #11. Deadpool is going to do whatever it takes to make sure that his daughter, Ellie, survives the night!

The Good

Father of the year.
Father of the year.

Briefly, I really liked the cover of this issue. Drawn by Mike Del Mundo, Mundo perfectly captures what this issue is all about, Deadpool as a father. Mundo's cover is the main, and only, reason I picked up this issue. The bright colors, the "#1 Dad" drawn on the board, and just how it looks destructive and adorable (at the same time) is what made me want to read this issue. Mike Del Mundo's cover should definitely be something you want to hang on your wall!

Now, Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's story was good. While I still need to read issues 12-32 of this series; I do like how both Duggan and Posehn are still the writers on this series. They've done Deadpool a great deal of justice, and they found a perfect mixture of Deadpool's funny and violent side. I'm glad that, that element is still present in this 33rd issue.

The writers story was really fast paced, which was a bit of a problem for me, but it got the point across at least. Having been out of the Deadpool loop for 20 issues really puts a dampener on my enjoyment of this issue, however the writers did make it simple enough for readers (like me) that don't understand all that's happened. A basic understanding of what has happened is, this is an Original Sin tie in. So, me having that knowledge, does help me understand why Deadpool is trying to change to become a better person. I liked seeing that happen in this issue, with the writers wanting to make Deadpool into a better person for his daughter. I'm interested in seeing what the writers will be doing with Ellie and Deadpool in the future, as the series progresses.

The artwork by John Lucas was colors by Val Staples was awesome! I recognize their artwork from earlier Deadpool issues in this series, and I'm glad that they are recurring artist (and colorist) on the creative Deadpool roster.

The Bad

I will say, not knowing is the worse feeling. Having not read issues 12-32, really puts a dampener on my reading experience and knowledge of all that's happened. I assume that this is the last issue of Deadpool's Original Sin tie-in, so I came late to the party and only get fragments of what all has happened.

Because of my lack of knowledge, this issue [to me at least] seemed like it was very choppy in the story, and how the story was handled [again, to me at least] made it seem like the writers wanted to end this issue as quickly as possible. I'm thrilled that Deadpool is a father, but I don't know how important Ellie will become to Deadpool as this series progresses.

The Verdict

If you haven't been following the Original Sin Deadpool tie in, I don't recommend jumping in on this issue. You'll be as confused as me, and not know where this series is heading with Deadpool as a parent. 2 out of 5. (Onwards and upwards!) I'm on Twitter,@Lol_Clark. (Plus, check out my movie review for Batman: Assault on Arkham.)

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