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Much, Much Better

For a four part series, it seemed like forever before we got some meat to this story. (Count them: that's four uses of some type of "four" in that sentence.) We get that there is some deal about Tolliver's will. Do we really care? No. This is supposed to be a Deadpool series. We are looking forward to learning about Deadpool, not merely see him do his normal thing of fight and talk smack. We can get that from any ol' book. Where this issue finally takes us is into the mind of Wade Wilson. No, it's not that deep, but we do finally get some nuggets that make Deadpool who he is. No spoilers, but the mask-off scene tells a ton (for those who don't already know a ton about the man). This issue made the series worth picking up. It's a shame there is only one issue left, because now I'm invested.

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