themaskedhero's Deadpool #3 - One Of Us, Part Three: The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel review

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Note to anyone looking to make a Deadpool film:

Take the scene in this issue where all the Deadpool Skrulls are shooting each other in the heads and get that scene in that movie.

With that said, this issue was a pretty good pay off to the for the first two issues and in hind sight it's a great pay off for the entire Secret Invasion series. If you plan to read the Thunderbolts/Deadpool crossover, read this first, it explains everything.

I'd really tell you what happened in this issue, but I'd rather advise anyone who took the time to look here to just go have a go at the trilogy that is the first arc of Deadpool. 

Also, check out ANY other Deadpool stuff you can find. Deadpool : The Circle Chase was excellent!

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