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"Well, he does have a point..." "Yeah, on his ears!" 0

I stopped reading Marvel for about a month or two, but I decided to come back and limit the books I read.  I loved last issue of this series, but this one was even better!  Deadpool is Marvel's top funny man and I love reading his book and I am glad Cable was dropped from the title.  Here Deadpool continues fighting Skrulls in his own hilarious and weird way.  The surprise guest at the end was an added bonus as I love that character and his team.  Also add in a little Nick Fury and some Super Sk...

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Use this as a bench mark... 0

Note to anyone looking to make a Deadpool film:Take the scene in this issue where all the Deadpool Skrulls are shooting each other in the heads and get that scene in that movie.With that said, this issue was a pretty good pay off to the for the first two issues and in hind sight it's a great pay off for the entire Secret Invasion series. If you plan to read the Thunderbolts/Deadpool crossover, read this first, it explains everything.I'd really tell you what happened in this issue, but I'd rather...

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Funny 0

The Skrulls go into a "Kill Deadpool mode" and we find out that Deadpool did indeed have a strange method to his madness. Frankly before I picked up this series I was not aware of how crazy Deadpool was.  Now I know and I can honestly say that this book is truly funny. You do not realise the abscence of humor in comic books until you run into one like this. It reminds me of the early days of the Justice League International.  The art serves the story also. making it just as important to the humo...

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