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'I'M YOUR MAN,' PART 2 Uh-oh. Sooo…it looks like maybe somebody got talked into doing something for someone who wasn't who they said they were. And now the person who really is that person is kinda mad. Well, really mad, actually. But that's okay because Deadpool is totally gonna fix this. Just like he always does. 
The issue starts with
Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Moon knight about to attack a warehouse that has a bomb they can use for study. All that is ruined when Deadpool blows up the warehouse with the bomb they were suppose to retrieve. Deadpool was punched in the face by Steve and they head back to headquarters. While Deadpool is talking to himself you see Steve, Widow, and Moon knight talking to Dr. Bong and Dr. Bong explains that they aren't the real Secret Avengers just clones of them and that they need Deadpool. Clone Steve Rogers heads outside and gets sniped by the real Black Widow. Deadpool then goes and finds the real Steve Rogers (but Deadpool believes he's the other) and apolagizes to him. Steve responds with a punch to the face. Deadpool pissed (still not knowing he's the real Steve Rogers) fights Steve and is winning until the real Moon knight comes in and stops Deadpool with his bladed crescents. Dr. Bong scared that the real ones are here, hits the bong on his head and destroys the clones and the headquarters with Deadpool, Steve Rogers, and Moon Knight trapped in it.    

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