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    The daughter of Wade Wilson and Shiklah. She takes up the "Deadpool" name in 2099 and holds a bitter grudge against her father and half-sister Eleanor Camacho.

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    A result of Wade & Shiklah's turbulent relationship. Shiklah hid Warda's existence from Wade and nobody knew she existed until she came for blood. She has made it her mission to find out where Wade has hidden Shiklah & hurt him as much as he's hurt her and her mother.

    Major Story Arcs

    Deadpool 2099

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    In 2099 we see the futuristic New York. A dark, hooded vigilante is looking

    for "Deadpool." She threatens a citizen to tell the location of Deadpool or she would kill him. He says that nobody finds Deadpool, she finds them. Later, we see a costumed figure flying on her dragon with the NYPD after her -calling her "Deadpool." They demand she de-power her illegal flier and land. She warns them to leave her be if they want to live, and orders her dragon to go faster. She admits that while she talks a big game, she can't take on the entire NYPD.

    Her dragon comments that maybe she needs to stop all the robbery and murder. Deadpool warns her dragon that he sounds like her father, whom she killed. She flings bombs back at the NYPD, who call in back-up to deal with her. The officer continues after Deadpool, telling her to surrender or be destroyed. She just says he'd better have a parachute and shoots the flying horse he's riding. The officer screams in horror and his companion thanks him for riding hard with him all those years. He says he'll miss his hoof-hearted companion.

    With the time bought, Deadpool commands her dragon use evasive maneuver. But back-up arrives, one of whom manages to shoot down her dragon. She screams for him to get them out of there but her dragon replies if it's his end, that she not rez him. She screams that he's not allowed to flat-line. The police see her flier going down and note it's their chance.

    They tell her it's the end and they don't care if they cuff her or bag her. Deadpool says she has them right where she wants them and that she doesn't like fighting cops. So she has her friends do it for her, known as "The Bobs." A group flies down to take on the NYPD, wearing variations of the original Hydra Bob uniform. The leader grabs her hand to pull her to safety. He asks her what happened to her flier,, and she tells him it's toasted. He comments on not seeing her in a while and tries to mention the vigilante they'd had some trouble with. But Deadpool tells him to handle it because she has other matters to see to.

    We see her flying through the city, now using a jet-pack. She comes to a guarded room and voice-deactivates the security protocols. Inside is a withered Wade Wilson, chained to a chair watching television. He says he wishes he still had his guns so he could either shoot everyone else, or himself. Deadpool enters and asks if he's enjoying C-Span.

    Warda Reveals Her Scarred Face
    Warda Reveals Her Scarred Face

    He tells her that he wanted to commit suicide the first couple of years but he's enjoying it now. She says she doesn't believe him. He angrily asks her what she's doing there and she tells him it's no way to speak to his daughter, but he declares that he has no daughter. She deactivates her mask, revealing her scarred face, and declares that she also has no father. He referring to her as Shiklah, he says she never wanted him as her father. She lashes out that her name is Warda and Shiklah is her mother.

    She screams that everything could end if he'd tell her what she wants to know. The man says he can't tell her what he doesn't remember. He mentions that she would have gotten it out of him by now since she's hooked him up to different machines, used telepaths and drugs. She threatens him with a few more weeks of C-Span to get him to change his mind.

    Wade tells her to wait, saying that Preston may know. Warda tells him Preston is out of the question. Wade angrily comments that Preston was good at keeping secrets and he can't remember what he was so mad at her for.

    She says she will continue to punish him until he reveals where Shiklah is. Wade tells her that Shiklah is ancient history. He says everything went to Hell when Ellie died and he lost it. He admits he and Shiklah had their differences over the years, but that time was different. He says that you just know when it's over. Warda blames him but he blames her, and admits they both may be to blame.

    Wade asks Warda what she really wants and she says it's to hurt him as much as he hurt her and Shiklah. Wade warns her not to use the "Deadpool" name because it's cursed. Warda silently cries before activating her mask again. She tells Wade that nobody knows he's alive, so nobody will be coming to save him. Using voice-activation, she sets the tv to repeat C-Span and Wade curses at her as she flies away. After she leaves, Wade starts to cry as he thinks about Ellie -apologizing to her for failing her.

    We catch up with The Bobs again who note they had a flawless victory over NYPD, and that there was no sign of the trouble-making vigilante. Someone calls to them, as they look around in confusion. The hooded figure from earlier, emerges from the shadows.

    A Mysterious Figure Hunts Down Deadpool
    A Mysterious Figure Hunts Down Deadpool

    The vigilante proceeds to mercilessly beat the Bobs. She tells them she needs a message delivered, which is their mangled bodies. She says that it should be clear what shewants and asks the Bobs if they're willing to give it to her. One of them says that Deadpool has a lair called The Metropolis, and that's where she can be found. The Bobs say they won't tell Deadpool the vigilante was there. However she says that she wants Deadpool to know of she's coming.

    We later see Warda heading down to the Metropolis. She notes that whoever is down there will stay there forever once she slices their windpipe. She mentions how they thought they could sneak, but she has better security stats. Warda thinks to herself how she hates coming down there and how her mother ruled a ghetto, but should have been ruling a kingdom. She mentions that nobody should know about Monster Metropolis anymore since it's a dead city.

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    She goes to a room that contains all of Wade's old things, from his own Deadpool years. Warda is confused why someone would want her father's old crap. She checks the room and notes that nothing seems to be missing. However, she notices an empty spot and tries to recall what was there. After thinking for a second, she panics at what it was that was taken.

    We see the vigilante again who commands the autopilot on her bike to return to the safe-house. She reveals the thing stolen is a Holo-drive, which she tells her autopilot to put in recovery mode and boot up. The autopilot acknowledges, and the vigilante notes that this is very important and not to screw up. We see Wade again, still watching television, as the vigilante knocks on his window and begins a finger countdown. Wade screams for them to go away as he doesn't want any finger-counts and explosions today. A hole is blown through the wall, and

    Wade notes how explosions have gotten groovy since he last blew anything up. He's distraught that his tv was destroyed and wonders how he'll watch it now, but he thinks to himself that he can just kill someone and take their tv. The vigilante tells Wade to come with her if he wants to live again. Wade wonders who sent her and asks her if it was Rogers, Cable, or Rogue. The vigilante tells him that there's no time to explain and helps him on to her bike. Wade complains about getting the snuggle seat, and she tells him to shut-up for a while.

    Warda receive a security notice that there's been a breach at the safe-house and that Wade has escaped. She contacts the Bobs and tells them to converge at the safe-house. She says Shiklah is counting on them. We see Wade and the vigilante making their escape. Wade comments that he never wants to see that house again, even though it was rent-controlled. The vigilante tells him to stop talking, just as the Bobs show up. They open fire on the two, and Wade comments that he never realized how much he missed being shot at. The vigilante asks if he ever stops talking.

    Wade asks her for a gun to deal with the Bobs, but she says her grav-bomb will do the trick, which works in temporarily taking down the Bobs. They continue their escape and Wade thanks her for the rescue and laughs, but says she should dump him and run. She says if she does that, his daughter will scoop him up again. Wade gets moody and says he has no daughter....anymore. Warda appears on her recovered dragon-flier and opens fire (literally) on Wade. Sizzling, he screams that she's not taking him back.

    The vigilante says the hologram is recovered and ready for reboot. She gives it to Wade and orders him to stay with her bike and get the hologram up to speed. Wade is confused and asks where she's going. She says she plans to take the fight to Warda. Wade thinks about knowing a hologram but can't think of the name. He goes on to boot-up and release the hologram.

    Warda Finally Meets the Mysterious Vigilante
    Warda Finally Meets the Mysterious Vigilante

    The vigilante attacks Warda, saying she's had it coming for a long time. Warda insists her name is Deadpool, and the vigilante says they're gonna have a chat about that. Wade watches as the hologram reboots and scream that it won't be shut down, but pauses -confused about where it is. Wade is shocked and sees that the hologram is Preston. She sees Wade and is confused, asking why he looks like a California-Raisin's turd. Wade tells her it's nice to see her too and that he got old, unlike some hologram people.

    The Bobs spring up again, and Wade and Preston opt to escape. Preston wonders who freed them, but Wade doesn't know. He says the uniform the vigilante was wearing looked familiar and thinks it may be an old friend. Warda continues her fight with the vigilante -calling her an impostor.

    The vigilante notes she's a cruel snake just like her mother, with Warda telling her to shut up. The vigilante hangs on to Warda's flier, and crashes it into a tower. They both fall to the ground and Warda screams she could've gotten them both killed. The vigilante says if Warda is gonna steal her title, she should at least know what to do with it -noting that crazy stuff comes with the name.

    Warda asks the vigilante who she is and where is her mother, but the vigilante just mocks Warda wanting her "mommy." She tells Warda she's gonna need a new mommy and a new ride. Warda continues asking where Shiklah is, since Wade claims he can't remember.

    The vigilante says she doesn't know where "that monster" is, and wouldn't tell if she did. Warda says there's no reason to keep her alive if that's the case. But she grabs the vigilante and tries to remove her mask, wanting to know who'd wear Wade's pacifist uniform.

    The vigilante kicks Warda in the face, saying that she's no pacifist. Warda managed to remove the mask, and is horrified by the reveal of the Vigilante's identity. The mysterious individual is revealed to be none other than Ellie, who says she's going to free her family, take back the family-name. and "John Wick" Warda.

    The Mysterious Vigilante is Ellie!
    The Mysterious Vigilante is Ellie!

    The two continue their fight with Ellie saying that her mom and Wade are free. She gives Warda a choice -to go to jail or the morgue. Warda calls in to Bob and tells her to enact the plan they had for if she was ever arrested. The Bob agent is surprised she was cuffed, but Warda lets him know that she wasn't. She tells him it's a good plan and to get moving and wait for the word from her.

    The Bobs go to a coffin, which Warda needs taken to The Garden. Head-Bob notes that they're gonna see a show. As the fight between the sisters continue, a bell-boy tells Ellie to put her hands where he can see them, or he shoots. Ellie attacks, knocking the bell-boy back. She says the country never should have armed bell-boys. He screams that he's a "bell-man" and Ellie notes he'll always be her "bell-bitch."

    She swings away but thinks that her last comment may have been uncalled-for. She calls Warda again, and says she's getting pissed off. Warda says that isn't her name -it's Deadpool. Ellie says that in addition to kidnapping and torturing their father, she wants to talk to her about how that name isn't her's. Ellie says they can make a deal that whoever is alive at the end of the night can keep the name.

    Warda says The Garden is packed. She tells Ellie that her people have a coffin that contains a creature from her mother's war against her oppressors. Ellie thinks she's bluffing, but Warda says she's not. She says if the Bobs don't hear from her before the concert is finished, they will release the creature. Ellie tells Warda she's completely mad and Warda says they both may be, given how they're dressed.

    Warda sets her ultimatum
    Warda sets her ultimatum

    Ellie asks Warda why she hates Wade so much and Warda tells Ellie to look at her face and inheritance. She tells Ellie to go find Wade and get him to cough up Shiklah because everyone in the Garden is counting her her. She also warns that if any cops are seen, everyone dies. Ellie angrily says she's never killed anyone, but that may change tonight. Warda just says the conversation is boring and tells Ellie to go quickly because the concert will end in two hours.

    Wade and Preston stopped by an old hideout where Wade cleans himself up a bit and gets dressed after talking about events of 2017 and Ellie for a bit. They are heading back out on Ellie's bike when the autopilot reactivates. Wade hangs on and wonders where they're going. Preston says whoever is controlling it is up ahead. They are brought to a club, but the bouncer says it's closed. Wade points at him, demanding to know why he brought them there. The bouncer tells Wade not to point that finger at him, and that he didn't -but Wade punches him before he can finish.

    Wade remarks it's true what they say -hurting someone is like riding a bike. Preston rolls her eyes, telling him that nobody says that. Ellie emerges from the shadows and adds that the bouncer didn't bring them, she did. Everyone hugs, happy to finally see one another again. Wade sees scars on Ellie's face, and asks if she got his regeneration. Preston and Ellie seem shocked that Wade doesn't remember, and Ellie tells him that Warda got all of that. Ellie catches them up on Warda's plan. She warns them that Warda and her gang plan to kill many innocent people if they don't bring Shiklah to her.

    Wade tells Ellie that it's out of the question because he needed help from The Avengers and they needed help from all the reserves the last time Shiklah went crazy -continuing that none of that had to happen, and people died because of it. Ellie tells him that unless they bring Shiklah in the next hour, Warda is willing to kill many innocent people.

    Wade angrily resigns himself to it. He writes down directions to give Ellie so she can dig up Shiklah's casket. He plans to go get help to take down Warda. He tells Preston he's got a plan to stop her, but she may not like it. Preston notes that's never stopped them before.

    Warda Looks Down on the Garden
    Warda Looks Down on the Garden

    Warda stands above the Garden, noting that time is almost up and it'll be a bloodbath if Wade and Ellie don't make it in time. The leader-Bob tells Warda that the others are nervous about unleashing the monster and if she's sure she wants to do this. Warda says she plans to if they make her.

    With the time-limit passed, Warda thinks to herself that she was sure her threat would force Wade's hand. Time now up and the show over, leader-Bob asks Warda if she wants them to attack. but Warda is hesitant in her next orders. Wade screams from the concert crowd that her tantrum ends now. Warda goes to attack Wade, saying she's disappointed to see he's alone.

    She attacks, angrily screaming for Shiklah. Wade tells her to calm down but continues to ask for her queen. Wade tells her to be specific since he's hung out with lots of queens. Warda asks if Wade doubts that she'll kill him. He tells her that he believes she would and warns her she doesn't want that weight on her. Wade tries to explain about Shiklah, but Warda isn't interested in hearing anything Wade has to say about her -other than where he's hidden her.

    She continues to pummel Wade, asking how much more he thinks he can take -delivering a kick to his face. Wade tells her she'll kick her legs off before getting anything out of him. Warda tells him to fight back and Wade says he has enough regrets, but kicking the crap out of his kid won't be one of them. Warda says she'll punish the humans he loves so much. She tells him she won't hurt him anymore, she's gonna hurt everyone else until he gives her what she wants.

    Wade tells her that she sounds like all the bastards he's fought over the years. He declares that he's putting an end to the family feud tonight. Warda wonders him and what army. Wade reveals that it's the army hiding in the shadows who were hoping he could talk her down.

    The army attacks, and another fight breaks out. Warda screams for her dragon to get in the fight. Ellie flies in on her bike to attack Warda, who is about to release Shiklah's monster. Ellie tells her she doesn't want to do this and Warda says Wade deserves it for kidnapping Shiklah. Ellie kicks her in the face, telling her that she's a grown woman who sounds like a child. Warda punches Ellie, telling her not to lecture her when she had everything.

    Ellie explains that none of them knew she existed until she came for blood -asking whose fault that was. Warda says it's Wade's fault, but Ellie replies that it was Shiklah's. Warda pulls out her gun and shoots the casket open, releasing the monster. Wade tries to recall who he got help from in defeating the monster before. As the creature attacks, Ellie pushes him out of the way and yells for Preston to keep him safe. Wade yells back that he can handle himself.

    Warda attacks, continuing her battle with Ellie. Wade screams for them to stop, saying that the fight is silly. He continues trying to get through to them -telling them to look at what a life of punching people gets them. He shouts, asking if they wanna turn out like him -saying the both deserve better. He tells Warda to stand down because he just remembered where Shiklah is.

    Warda finally deals a fatal blow to Ellie
    Warda finally deals a fatal blow to Ellie

    Ellie asks Warda for a truce in exchange for a parley. Warda rejects and delivers a killing blow to Ellie's chest with her flame blade. Wade screams to her in anguish and Warda kicks him in the face. Ellie sputters that it'll take more than that to finish her. Warda stabs Ellie with a needle, containing liquid napalm, as Wade continues to scream in horror. Ellie's body is consumed by flames, while she thinks to herself "not now." All that remains is Ellie's charred body, prompting Warda hold Wade in place -telling him not to look away.

    She drags him away and tells him that he's going to give her a straight answer about Shiklah before she sends him to Hell. She takes him back to the old Monster Metropolis, with Wade telling her that Ellie didn't deserve that. Warda drops Wade on the ground and stands over him, asking if he'd cry for her if she'd been killed by Ellie. Wade snarks at her that she isn't making a strong case for that.

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    Warda reiterates to Wade that she just killed his daughter and would think he'd be more pissed. He tells her that he would be, but he just remembered something. Warda questions what and he replies that he remembers Ellie is a mutant. He explains that while he regenerates constantly, Ellie does so all at once. He explains that when her body dies, it's reborn again at the exact age she was upon awakening her power -with all her memories in tact.

    Warda changes the subject. She notes that the greats are all gone, having inherited the dust. She asks Wade what did she get. He tells her that she's always concerned about what she got, and notes that the words he's heard most from her are "I want." However, he admits that her question is valid, so he'll answer. He tells her she got his recklessness and anger -all the things Steve and other exploited over the years.

    He says, because of that, he knows she's not irredeemable, even after all the bad she's done. Warda tells him to see if he still feels that way if he can regenerate from liquid napalm. Wade tells her he's never been afraid to die but he's been afraid to be immortal. He tells her she'll be disappointed again because he's not dying today. He tells her to meet her younger big sister.

    Warda is confused, until Ellie kicks her square in the face, asking if she missed her. Warda angrily attacks asking if it's true she'd never be rid of Ellie. Wade grabs her and tells her it's true. He says he was going to have Ellie babysit her, but now that she's a teenager again, Warda will have to be the babysitter. Warda attacks Wade again, telling him his dad-jokes were never funny. She also wonders what Shiklah ever saw in him.

    Preston steps in and grabs both of them, giving them a good shock to stop the fight. As they recover, Wade tells Warda to stop and look around at what fighting has done. He explains that the Monster Metropolis used to be a city full of souls that are all gone because of a war that didn't need to happen. Warda tells Wade to save the lectures for the family he wanted -pointing to Ellie and Preston.

    Warda accuses Wade of only wanting Preston & Ellie for a family
    Warda accuses Wade of only wanting Preston & Ellie for a family

    Wade calls her stupid and tells her that he didn't want any of them. He explains that they all just happened. Confused, Warda asks why Shiklah fought him if that's true. Wade warns her that there is no great answer. He explains that before she was born, Shiklah started a war and tried to annex New York, prompting them to fight. After they reconciled, she called it off for reasons he doesn't understand, then tells Warda that Shiklah hid her existence from him. They were off and on for years, but always on a path to open war.

    He says that it was all over for Shiklah when she tried to take the surface world because those who refuse to co-exist will cease to exist. He used the Skrulls as an example, but admits they did much less than Shiklah. As he finishes the story, Warda asks what happens if she believes him, and stops fighting for Shiklah. Will he bury and forget her too?

    New Roomies
    New Roomies

    Wade tells her that won't happen because she's his daughter, and he has other plans for her. He asks Preston if she's ready. She retreats back into the holo-drive, ready to put their plan into action. Ellie comments that she doesn't know who to feel worse for. Wade says they'll both nag each other and love it. Wade inserts her into Warda's head. A confused Warda wonders what's going on. Inside her mind, we see Shiklah holding a newborn Warda. There are also many pictures and dolls of Wade with swords and / or needles stuck in them. Seeing this, Preston notes her mind as "the Taj Mahal of daddy issues" and that Wade's mind as had more style with all the masturbatory art on the walls.

    Preston tells Warda she's moving into her head for a while and they'll be roomies. She suggests thinking of it as a conscience-transplant. Grabbing a broom, she tells Warda they're going to clean the place up and discuss a variety of topics -starting with civics. Warda attempts to attack Preston, screaming for her to get out of her head. However, she just goes right through Preston, who says she can't leave. Warda asks Preston if she thinks she can change her behavior and Preston warns her that she better hope so, or she'll end up like Shiklah.

    Preston shares with Warda that she did this very same thing with Wade long ago. Warda asks why she doesn't hate him too, grabbing a broom to sweep along side Preston. She says that she did used to hate Wade because he became despicable after The Avengers and hurt her more than anyone. However, she expresses the importance of letting go of that hatred, because it destroys you.

    Wade watches Warda, who notes how weird the experience is. Ellie speaks up that she needs something from Warda, taking an old Deadpool costume. She declares there is only one Deadpool. Without argument, Warda tells her to keep the name because it means nothing to her now. Wade says there's enough Deadpool to go around and they can both use the mantle.

    He tells Warda he's going out to see the world and she says Preston is telling her about Stryfe. Wade tells her that Preston never wastes any time and tells Warda to listen to her. He leaves with Ellie, but promises Warda that he'll be back soon and when he did return, they could talk more about Shiklah.

    No Caption Provided

    An epilogue at the end of the series shows that things seemed to have worked out. Warda is sharing her flying dragon with Ellie as they wait for Wade. Preston being free seems to show Warda did listen to her & made peace with her family.

    In present day, Wade is shown a vision of the future by Mephisto which again shows that Warda indeed redeemed herself and is known as a hero in the future. She & Ellie fight side by side in battle to eliminate Sentinels & show much support for one another.

    Powers and Abilities

    Not much is known about the full extent of Warda's powers. Being the daughter of Shiklah, she's half-Succubus, but we never see her display any of her mother's abilities. Ellie notes that she got Wade's scars and regeneration. However, Warda is hinted to be more mortal than her father -given Ellie makes numerous comments about killing her.

    She appears to be a weapons expert in addition to high proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, being able to go toe to toe with the much more experienced Ellie.


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