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BULLSEYE,” Part 3 As the chaos and wanton destruction of their continued battle reaches critical mass, both Deadpool and Bullseye come to the same realization: They don’t want this to end! 
                          ****  SPOILERS ****  
 After having a dream where Deadpool and Bullseye are kids killing their school teacher and burning up their school, Bullseye awakens in a hospital that apparently Deadpool delivered him to.  Norman Osborn is not very happy that Bullseye failed to kill Deadpool, and wants him to go after him again. Bullseye has other plans, and decides to wait  and let an impulsive an  impatient Deadpool come after him. 
  When he does Bullseye is waiting to fire a rocket into Deadpool's truck, but a passerby changes the plans giving Deadpool an unfair advantage. As Deadpool is about to kill Bullseye. Bullseye offers to pay him off.   The two of them talk as the money is being transferred, and find that they had fun fighting each other.

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