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    Deadpool » Deadpool #11 - Dare to Be Deviled released by Marvel on August 2013.

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    Concluding the 2nd arc of MARVEL NOW! Deadpool!

    Can Wade trust hell to keep their side of his contract?

    Will all of Deadpool's new friends end up dead because of him?

    Are turkey sandwiches better than ham?

    2 of these 3 questions will be answered!

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverTony Moore1
    VarWolverine Through the Ages VariantAmanda Connor2
    RERetailer Exclusive - HastingsMatthew Waite3


    Agent Preston's family is tied up and Deadpool cooks them dinner according to Agent Preston's directions. They all admit that the situation is weird. Agent Adsit arrives and hears that Agent Preston is in Deadpool's head. He doesn't believe it until Deadpool lets out the closely guarded secret that Adsit only has one testicle. Adsit is shocked that Preston could be in Deadpool's head. Preston's husband is shocked that she would know that. Deadpool welcomes Adsit to the team and asks him to find a life model decoy to put Preston's mind into.

    In Hell, Michael is performing tricks for some other dead people. Mephisto makes a glorious entrance by busting out the back of some poor soul. He asks Michael what information he's got that goes beyond what he already knows about Vetis wants to take Mephisto's spot as leader. Michael provides further information about Vetis's practice of hoarding souls to build up his power. This gets Mephisto's attention and the two begin negotiating bringing Michael back to life.

    On a rooftop, Deadpool spies his next victim on Vetis's list. Oddly enough, it looks like Luke Cage. Deadpool watches as Luke goes up to Jessica Drew's apartment and offers her some ice cream. Jessica gets suspicious of Luke's continued use of the name "baby," as well as his failing to bring her favorite ice cream. She punches him in the nose and Luke transforms into a short, fat guy named Bobby Tisdell, Deadpool's target. Deadpool barges in and attempts to catch Bobby, but he transforms into the Black Widow and escapes.

    Deadpool follows Bobby/Black Widow down the street. Some police officers see Black Widow being chased and try to apprehend Deadpool. He whoops them and heads into Times Square. Too crowded to find Bobby, Deadpool shoots into the air and finds Bobby running away as people hit the ground. Bobby changes into a cheerleader and enlists a burly man to take care of Deadpool.

    The burly man does a horrible job and Deadpool continues the chase. It's a short chase when Deadpool runs into Daredevil. The two fight but Deadpool proves to be no match. Deadpool then uses a distraction to get Daredevil off his back - he shoots a civilian in the leg.

    With Daredevil out of the way, Deadpool catches Bobby and pulls him by his cheerleader hair. He then breaks Bobby's neck. Vetis immediately shows up and sucks up Bobby's soul. Vetis then lets the cat out of the bag and explains that Michael and Deadpool are next on the kill list. Deadpool lets his own cat out of the bag and explains that he already killed Michael and Vetis won't be able to suck up his most prized soul. Vetis gets very angry. He had a clause not to personally hurt Deadpool's recent victims; he has no clause against personally hurting Deadpool.


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    Deadpool 11 0

    Deadpool continues to kill people that made a deal with Vetis, plus Daredevil appearance!The GoodConversations like this is one of the reasons why this DP series is superior.Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan are doing a fantastic job with this series! They have had their ups-and-downs with this series, but this eleventh issue has that perfect blend of violence and comedy to fit Deadpool's character. In this issue, we see Deadpool continuing his one-man mission to kill the poor saps that made a deal ...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Deadpool #11 Rating 0

    Cover & Solicit - 3/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 4/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Deadpool vs. Daredevil 0

    Deadpool and Daredevil come to blows when the Man Without Fear stops the Merc with a Mouth from killing a cheerleader in the middle of the street. Here's the thing though, she isn't actually a cheerleader and as insane as Deadpool sounds about demons and souls and having to kill her its all actually true. How Deadpool gets reminds us why you would never want Wade Wilson as your enemy (or friend for that matter).I hadn't picked up a Deadpool issue in awhile, I'm still missing Deadpool Team-Up whi...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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