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    Deadpool » Deadpool #1 - The Circle Chase: Round 1 - Ducks in a Row released by Marvel on August 1993.

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    As mercenaries hunt for Deadpool on the war-torn streets of Sarajevo, our hero heads to his safehouse to find Weasel. Weasel and Deadpool talk about Tolliver's will and how Tolliver has left his estate and money up for grabs. While they talk, Weapon X arrives and a fight breaks out. Both Deadpool and Weapon X are looking for information, the only problem is that neither one has the information the other is needing. Weasel manages to bring the two to their sense ending the fight but, before Weapon X leaves, he warns Deadpool that Slayback has been found alive.

    Meanwhile, in France, Juggernaut raids a genetic research facility looking for Black Tom. A man named Louis Banque tells him that he was expected and that he was told by a Mr. Foley that Tolliver wanted Black Tom taken care of.

    In India, Nyko, the brother of Pico, runs from mercenaries and crashes meets with Courier. Courier wants information from Nyko on Tolliver's will but it turns out he knows nothing about it. Nyko then gives Courier a message to give to Deadpool. He says it is from the Executive Elite and they want Deadpool killed.

    In Department K, Slayer steals a file that shows both Deadpool and Garrison Kane were a part of the Weapon X training program in 1986.


    In Sarajevo, Deadpool watches as some mercenaries search for him. Finding the moment right, he drops in on them and easily takes each and everyone of them out of commission. As he walks away from the pile of mercenaries he muses on the new situation he's in. Ever since Tolliver died there has been a price on Deadpool's head. He walks in his safehouse and hears a gun "click" behind him. It's just Weasel, Deadpool's friend. The two begin talking about the target on Deadpool's back, a consequence of Tolliver's will. Tolliver, it seems, has left his entire estate to the last man standing with ties to Tolliver. Money, weapons; all of it. Deadpool is back in Sarajevo looking for information on his old gal-pal Copycat. Before Weasel can mention that he hasn't heard from her in a while, Garrison Kane shows up demanding information.

    Outside Angouleme, France, a genetic research facility is broken into, literally. The Juggernaut wreaks havoc while demanding to know the location of his friend Black Tom Cassidy. One man finally steps forward and directs the Juggernaut to follow him. Mr. Foley, Tolliver's old assistant, had given the facility specific instructions as to what to do with Black Tom. As a door opens, the Juggernaut can't believe his eyes.

    In India, Nyko Halfghanaghan fights off a bunch of mercenaries. He shouts that he knows nothing of the Tolliver will despite his brother having worked for the man. After subduing his enemies he is approached by Courier. Nyko gives him an envelope to be delivered to a group called the Executive Elite. Courier asks why they should be involved and Nyko responds that Deadpool needs to be taken out for the role he played in Nyko's brother's death.

    Back in Deadpool's safehouse, Kane and Deadpool begin a fracas when Deadpool refuses to tell Kane where Copycat is. The fight goes on for some time and the two bicker about their past. They were pals back in the day, it seems. Weasel finally stops the fight before it gets completely out of hand. He asks if either of them realize that neither person has the information being looked for. The two men admit that neither knows where Copycat is. Kane storms out to find Copycat so as to offer her a deal. He also drops a hint that their old friend Slayback is alive and looking for the man who "killed" him -- Deadpool.

    In the halls of Department K, a cloaked figure stalks the halls. He's stopped by a security guard. He kills the guard from a distance and continues on. He enters a records room and accesses files from the Weapon X program. The files deal with both Deadpool and Kane.

    In France, the Juggernaut is finally able to see Black Tom. Black Tom had been blown to bits by Cable some weeks prior; the lab fixed that. Black Tom rises from his bed, half man and half wood.



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    Everything you need to know or see from Deadpool to love him: 0

    Note: I'm really reviewing the entire four-part series.I was worried when my friend told me to pick up a series that came out when I was 6 and that was by a character who I love for who he is now and in Cable & Deadpool. But I was wrong to question him, because apparently, Deadpool has always been the Merc with the Mouth I love. This was only hard to read because I'm very used to the glamour of the look of today's comic books, but the characterization of 'Pool, Black Tom Cassidy and Copycat ...

    3 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    A Very Friendly Start 0

    The very first thing I think of in relation to this issue is the fight between Deadpool and Kane. (Normally you get guys fighting and it's over a very stupid thing. The motivation behind the fight is hokey and unbelievable. The fight ends and nothing is really accomplished.) Here, the two fight over something just as stupid, but this isn't the only motivation behind the fight. They have enough of a history that the reader can look past the stated trivial reason for the fight and get into it due ...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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