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    Deadpool » Deadpool #1 - In Wade We Trust released by Marvel on January 2013.

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    Dead former United States presidents, from George Washington to Gerald Ford have been resurrected, and that’s BAD. The Marvel heroes can’t be the ones to stop them, someone is needed with the reputation, skills and plausible deniability to take out these com-monsters in chiefs...NOW! is the time for Deadpool… In Wade We Trust!

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    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverGeof Darrow1
    VarBlank Variant CoverNone2-3
    VarVariant CoverChris Bachelo4
    VarYoung Baby VariantSkottie Young10
    VarDesign VariantTony Moore9
    2nd Pri2nd Print CoverGeof Darrow8
    RERetailer Exclusive - Third Eye ComicsTradd Moore7
    VarPhantom VariantCharles Paul Wilson III6
    RERetailer Exclusive - HastingsCarlo Barberi5
    3rd Pri3rd Print COverGeof DarrowMissing


    A hippy-magician decides to make things right again with the country when he realizes that America has become too polarized. He visits the grave of Harry S. Truman in Independence, Missouri and begins a rite to bring this long-gone president back from the dead to help correct the course the country has taken. Truman rises from his grave as Captain America confronts the magician. Cap orders the president to be put back and the guy disappears.

    The next morning, Agent Gorman shows Agent Preston a newspaper article depicting Captain America decapitating the beloved past president. Gorman is upset that the public may get a bad impression of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s heroes if they are seen killing already dead leaders. It becomes Preston's job to find a way to make this problem go away without the use of high profile heroes. Gorman leaves and Preston gets news that another dead president has been sited in Manhattan - Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    Down in Manhattan another threat is very, very apparent. A four armed giant lizard lays waste to a city block while people scatter. The beast pauses for a moment when a sword is shoved out of its belly. The sword makes its way downward until Deadpool is able to pop out. Guts spill onto the street as Deadpool and Thor climb out of the reptile. Thor refuses to accept that he and Deadpool have "teamed up" and quickly exits the scene by leaping into the sky. It seems another menace has graced this Manhattan street, as a fireman tries to clear Deadpool from the area. Deadpool allows himself some time to heal a few wounds before checking out the hubbub. He sees FDR rolling down the street causing a panic. Deadpool and a cop watch as FDR picks up a cab and throws it at the two of them. Deadpool gets out of the cab's path and confronts the dead president.

    His first course of action is to unload his two guns into the wheelchaired man. This is ineffective. FDR rockets his wheelchair at Deadpool and the men hurdle into the subway. Deadpool shoves a sword into FDR's chest and his hood onto FDR's head and sends him careening for an oncoming train. FDR is nailed. Agent Preston shows up with some other S.H.I.E.L.D. lackeys and attempt to lock the area down. FDR, however, is not finished with Deadpool and zaps him with an electric charge. Deadpool leaps at the sword buried in FDR's chest and touches the metal to the subway rail. Both men are electrocuted and FDR is fried for good. Deadpool lands amongst the agents and attempts to heal himself. Preston tries to help him up but only ends up breaking off his forearm.

    Deadpool is taken to the Helicarrier to rest. It is short-lived, however, when he learns that George Washington has been spotted in Philadephia at Independence Hall. Deadpool hops up and dons his gear. He barges into the building but sees it filled with past presidents. Before he can clear out to formulate a plan, he is shot in the head by Abraham Lincoln. George Washington then announces that the country has indeed gone astray and it is their job to destroy it and start fresh.


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    In Brian Posehn and Gerry Dugan we trust! 0

    Spoilers!!!I picked up this issue because of the review. I've never been the biggest Deadpool fan but after reading the reviews for this I decided to pick it up. I probably won't have enough money for the whole series but I may stay around for the first story arc. Note: I will style this review differently to most of my reviews.PlotDead Presidents are being brought back to life by a Necromancer who believes that America needs them again. Captain America tries to stop this, but Harry S Truman is ...

    10 out of 11 found this review helpful.

    Presidents Rise! 0

    I have been a Deadpool fan for a number of years now and when I heard about it getting a new series I had mixed feelings. This is because overall I actually liked Daniel Way's series and although it ended a bit poorly it was a very good series. Also I didn't know anything about Brian Posehn or Gerry Duggan prior to this series. The addition to this new series that I was excited to see was Tony Moore as I have loved his art over the years whether it be the early issues of The Walking Dead or his ...

    10 out of 11 found this review helpful.

    Marvel Now-ish... 0

    As a massive fan of Deadpool and in paticular, Daniel Way's writing of him, this is the one Marvel book ive been dreading the most. Its not that i doubt the ability of the writers but, Wade is a very specific kind of character who if not written can fall flat on his face. I had to give the issue a chance if for no other reason than to say that i tried and i am kind of glad i did.So its not a reboot, its not an origin story but it also dosent follow on from the end of the previous story so dont e...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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