Deadly Dozen

    Team » Deadly Dozen appears in 11 issues.

    A group of criminals who were once slain by the Scourge; they were revived by The Hood in order to murder the Punisher.

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    Resurrected by the Hood in order to kill Punisher, the Deadly Dozen was composed of criminals and super-villains who were slaughtered by the Scourge of the Underworld.  Each member was given a new opportunity at life, and would be able to keep living if they were able to succeed in ending Punisher's life.  Several of the Deadly Dozen were unwilling to unite with one another, and decided to go off on their own, including Wraith, who was quickly shot and killed by Punisher.  Death Adder and Basilisk, however, were able to find Punisher's whereabouts from G.W. Bridge.
    Leadership of the Deadly Dozen was eventually obtained by the former wrestlers Letha and Lascivious, who were both given new powers by the Hood to control the emotions of their enemies.  They used their new powers against the Punisher by forcing Spider-Man to attack him.  Their mission failed and they returned to the Deadly Dozen.
    Another plot involved Mirage disguising the Deadly Dozen as the Avengers.  The group battled Punisher, but he was able to kill Cheetah and Mind-Wave, who were disguised as Beast and Iron Man, respectively.  Meanwhile, Megatak and Blue Streak attacked the Punisher's ally, Henry, which resulted in Blue Streak's death.  After a large confrontation with Letha, Lascivious, Hijacker, and the Fly, the Punisher is defeated by Basilisk.  He is brought to the Hood, who attempts to entice the Punisher with hopes of bringing back his family.  However, Punisher kills Cyclone and Firebrand and leaves the Hood's lair.  Despite their failure to murder Punisher, the Hood kept the surviving Deadly Dozen members alive.


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