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This is something special, real special.

Rick Remender's writing has never really done it for me. I'll check out his work if everyone is going on about it but most of the time I sit on my bed/couch/desk/wherever I may be asking myself "Why did I buy this again?" I didn't even know who Wes Craig was! So, when I say I had convince myself to actually buy it am not lying, and boy let me tell you it was worth every single penny. (Beware, minor spoilers ahead.)

Meet Marcus Lopez a Hispanic teenager who's a homeless orphan. His parents died when Reagan cut the budgets on all of those pesky insane asylums. A crazy lady jumped off of a bridge, onto his parents. Which actually later plays into the story because Marcus wants to kill Reagan. Anyway, Marcus gets recruited into a secret assassin's high school (It sounds less cheesy/cliche when you don't say it out loud) and he has to adjusts to that. From a bum to a high school student! Out pal Marcus is moving up in society! He even makes a couple of friends. And meets a hippy and gets high, like real high. Tensions raise, the high gets intense, people lose their heads literally and Marcus still has to worry about school!

See Remender did something really smart here, he opened up with a look into Marcus' life and it was automatically one you could sympathize with and hope he succeeds in life. You want to see what happens, you're hooked in! He doesn't spend much time having us mope around with Marcus because Rick obviously has a story he thinks needs to be said. He comes up with a lot of characters that you instantly also want to see succeed but not at the expense of them being losers who thrive off of self-pity, no, he also makes them seriously cool.

So.. did anyone know who Wes Craig was before this book? Anyone? No? Fair enough, because honestly i've never heard of the guy. Which is a shame because he has some serious talent. Everything looks nice, the motion looks fluid, no serious anatomy problems that I noticed, really good stuff in general. But where he really shines is the part where Marcus gets high; he lets loose and just has a blast drawing it.

If you also passed up this title like I did at first I strongly recommend you consider picking up this trade. It'll change your mind within the first issue.

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