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    Member of Simon Trask's Mutant Liberation Front. Pretends to be a mutant.

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    In order to deal with the mutant right's activist Reverend William Conover, Simon Trask, head of the anti-mutant organization known as Humanity's Last Stand, formed his own version of the Mutant Liberation Front, allowing him to capture Conover and discredit mutants at the same time. Mark Randall was outfitted with a technological battle-suit that granted him superhuman abilities, allowing him to become the MLF member known as Deadeye.

    After Mark was killed, he was replaced by Jay Burnell, who became the new Deadeye.


    Deadeye was created by John Ostrander, Tom Lyle, and Robert Jones.

    Major Story Arcs

    Total X-Tinction

    Capitol Offenses

    Deadeye was sent by the MLF to capture Conover, as part of their scheme to heighten anti-mutant tension. However, upon discovering that that Conover was being protected by the Punisher, SHIELD agent Kymberly Taylor, and FBI agent Carl Denti, better known as the X-Cutioner, he teleported away from the battle, being clearly out-numbered.

    When Deadeye returned, the Punisher fought him one-on-one, and he started becoming suspicious of Deadeye claim to being a mutant when he noticed the robotic drones that he used to find his targets, as well as that Deadeye seemed to hold a personal grudge against him, apparently having been a mafioso before joining the MLF. Although Deadeye managed to defeat the Punisher, in the end he was killed when the X-Cutioner blasted him through the chest with his Shi'ar power lance.

    Friend Or Foe?

    Afterwards, Deadeye's body was taken to a hospital,only for fellow MLF member Blastfurnace to appear and destroy the corpse before an autopsy could be performed.

    Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down

    Another Deadeye soon appeared when he was sent by the MLF to destroy a set of train tracks, thereby derailing the train that the Punisher, Taylor, and Denti were transporting Conover on. Together however, the Punisher and Denti were able to save everbody.


    When Denti claimed to have evidence that the MLF were not actually mutants, Deadeye was sent along with several other MLF members to apprehend him. Deadeye took part in battling the Punisher and Taylor, but the MLF ultimately succeeded in capturing Denti, and brought him to the Humanity's Last Stand compound, unaware that this was part of the Punisher's plan.

    Dead to Rights

    Escaping the compound, Denti was able to lead the Punisher and Taylor to it, and together they battled the MLF once again. Deadeye faced off against the Punisher and X-Cutioner, only for him to be blown by the Punisher's rocket launcher.

    Powers and Abilities

    Deadeye was outfitted with a technological battle-suit that granted him the ability to fire blasts of energy from his left eye. He also made use of tiny robotic drones, which allowed him to locate his opponents. Like all members of Trask's MLF, he had a teleportation device incorporated into his costume.


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