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    Deadbolt is a mutant and a member of the Dark Riders. He was killed by Wolverine, but resurrected during Necrosha.

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    Not much is known about the origin of Deadbolt. It is known that he became a member of the second incarnation of the Dark Riders which were banded together by Genesis. Deadbolt appeared to be a living skeleton who could extract his bones and use them as weapons.


    Deadbolt was created by Jeph Loeb and Steve Skroce and first appeared in Cable Volume 1 issue 17 (1994).

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Riders Versus Wolverine

    The Dark Riders where tasked with the capture of Cyber so that Genesis could strip his adamantium in his plan to make Wolverine his first Horseman. The plan however failed when Wolverine rejected the adamantium and broke free. Wolverine regressed to a feral state and started hunting the Dark Riders. Deadbolt was eventually located and slain by Wolverine. Wolverine disembodied Deadbolt's head from his body. His disembodied head was then used to lure Gauntlet into Wolverine's grasp.


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    Deadbolt, Hurricane, and Spyne--the mutant members of the Dark Riders--were collectively resurrected via the Techno-organic virus and the Hellfire Club's former Black Queen Selene's mysticism. The revived mutants are mind-controlled into attacking Emma Frost, the X-Men, and the Hellfire Club as an act of revenge against all those who stood in her way of her becoming a goddess. The former Dark Riders fought alongside one another against the X-Men's Dazzler and Psylocke.

    Powers and abilities

    Deadbolt is a mutant whose skeletal structure is charged with bioenergy and his individual bones can be removed in pieces and used as razor sharp, high-density throwing weapons.


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