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The Dead Moon Circus is a villain group from the anime/manga series Sailor Moon. 

The Dead moon Circus was once a race of beings who lived in the shadows of the moon kingdom, but were successful and happy people who were ruled under the guide of Queen Nehellenia, a vane ruler who at first loved her people and treated everyone with respect and honer. That is until she found out that one day she was soon going to age and become old. Furious with this, Nehellenia found out that the only way to keep herself young was to take the life energy of her own people and use it for herself. Her power and quest for enternal youth caused her to go to the Moon Kindome and try to over throw them, causing her to lose her place as Queen of the Dead Moon (Dark moon in English Dubbed anime) and impressioned in a mirror so she can forever keep her youth. In search of a way to break free from the curse her and her people working under her found out about a item called 'The Golden Crystal' and there, set off to find it.

This group is led by Zirconia, who is under the command of Queen Nehellenia because of the fact that she is stuck in the mirror.

Dead Moon Circus group came to Earth in search of the legendary 'Golden Crystal' that is said to have amazing power and also is the only thing that allow Nehellenia to break free from the mirror she is impression in so she can take over the Earth and kill the Moon Princesses, Usagi. 

When the group comes to Earth they disguise themselves as circus performers and even held shows in the city, not to entertain the people, but to search for the crystal.

In order to optain the crystial they first must find Helios who is the guardian of the 'Golden Crystal' and take the crystal from him. Before reaching to Earth they managed to capture Helios but before they could forcfully take the item away, he managed to break away spiritually from his body and take the power of the crystal with him, and ran off to Earth to seak out a person with a golden dream and hide from The Dead Moon Circus.

The group followed him to Earth and now go around searching through peoples dreams by force to find Helios and take the crystal away from him.

This group of villains have two groups working underneath them, these are; The Amazon Trio and The Amazoness Quartet. Each group having their own unique way of hunting down Helios. But both teams also give Zirconia and equal amonut of pain.

Dead Moon Circus are the primary villiains of the fourth Season. In the Manga this season is called 'Dream' while in the anime it is called 'SuperS'. Also in the English Dubbed version, the Dead Moon Circus is called the Dark Moon Circus.


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