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Dead End was a guinea pig for experimental regeneration circuit. The circuits are designed to automatically repair damage he sustained in combat. Unfortunately for Dead End, they malfunctioned and began eating away at the molecular cohesion. Thus driving him mad mindlessly searching for Spare Parts to try and repair his crumbling frame.

This is a different character than Dead End/Jolt from the IDW Prequels.


Dead End was created for Titan Magazine's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Prequel comics. He was first seen in issue #11 by writer Simon Furman and editor Steve White.

Major Story Arcs

Titan Magazine

Revenge of the Fallen

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When Autobots Jolt, Dune Runner and Rollbar were on a survival exercises, Dead End stalked them. Jolt was looking for a recharge pack when he was attacked by Dead End, who tore his arm off and then turned on the other two Autobots. After ripping Dune Runner's arm off, Dead End turned on Rollbar and punched him so hard his own arm crumbled away. Dead End tried to welding Dune Runner's arm on to replace his own, giving Jolt enough time to seize the recharge pack and use it to super-charge his electro-whips.

Dead End was taking back to Diego Garcia, where Ratchet was able to remove his regeneration circuit and save his life. Unfortunately by Christmas Eve Dead End was decaying again and running across America, looking for more Spare Parts. He located Bumblebee at Sam Witwicky's house and made an attack, also trying to eat Sam until the Autobot stepped in. A quick fight happened, with Dead End managing to eat one of Bumblebee's parts.

Dead End later joined Bludgeon's Decepticon faction, and was at the Arkhangelskaya Oblast, Russia base. By this time he was now fixed and capable of normal speech. He and Lockdown were sent to intercept the Autobots. Dead End took damage in the fight and reverted him and he was in need of Spare Parts again. Wheelie didn't have time before he was ripped apart and his vitals eaten. When everyone left Russia, Dead End remained and began to track Bumblebee.

Powers & Weaknesses

Due to the experiments on his body, Dead End's cohesion is deteriorating and driving him mad. He must also replace parts frequently to repair his body.


  • Allegiance: Decepticon
  • Sub Group: None
  • Function: Warrior
  • Alt-Modes: Sports Car
  • Color Schemes: Red/Gray (Movie)

Other Media

Video Games

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The Game (Sony PSP)

Dead End is one of several Decepticons that can be played with during the campaign mode.


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The Revenge of the Fallen Dead End toy originally was going to be Detour, but was changed later.


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