Character » Deacon appears in 17 issues.

    A servant of Zadkiel who punishes the sinners in brutal ways thus fulfilling God's will (or, at least, he believes so).

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    The Deacon is a servant of Zadkiel and does not want anyone to get in the aforementioned renegade angel's plots. Devoted to his master, the behemoth of a man known only as the Deacon has deemed himself as a punisher of sorts. He has taken it upon himself to kill the sinners in God's (or Zadkiel's) name. Somehow he was captured and taken in isolation by the cops but freed by Bob.

    Aa of recent, the Deacon, went on an all out slaughter at the nun house that the new Caretaker Sara spent most of her life. He is then later seen working along side Blackout and deciding who will help them. Both him and Blackout then break the Orb out of a medical prison and get him to rejoin with Zadkiel.

    During the killing he mentions many biblical events and describes his atrocities as praying to save his victims' souls and send them to heaven. He likes Kowalski's way of killing too.

    After almost killing almost all the Gun Nuns he is permanently paralyzed when Sara slashes the back of his neck with her sword and is sent to prison along the Orb.

    Powers & abilities

    The Deacon is extremely large and is not affected by the penance stare because he doesn't feel guilty about what he did. He was also able to break Ghost Rider's chain and isn't really affected by any of Ghost Rider's attacks.

    Deacon is also given by Bob a vile which holds the elixir from the Rock of Etam. Upon drinking the potion, Deacon is given all of Samson's strength and two holy golden swords which are supposedly deadly enough to kill Ghost Rider. It is unknown, however, because Deacon did not land a hit on Ghost Rider with swords but stabbed him several times. He's got a unique weakness: won't destroy holy objects (such as the Bible). When Ghost Rider defended himself with a Bible, Deacon stopped and was knocked out with the holy book.


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